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The Human Behaviour Risk Analysis Report

Discover employee behaviour that could be threatening your organisation’s security, compliance and culture


Aware - Human Behaviour Risk Analysis - Transparent - Ipad Portrait

Aware’s Behavioural Intelligence team examined more than a million enterprise collaboration messages from tens of thousands of authors in order to glean the insights found in this report.

Though this report focuses on aggregate trends across many organizations and industries, Aware regularly helps organizations better understand their unique blind spots and areas of risk.

Download this FREE report and discover:

  • Potential Threats in Digital Collaboration

  • The Impact of Sentiment

  • The Power of Positivity

  • The Impact of Toxicity in the Workplace

  • Accounting for the Cost of an Insider Breach

  • Collaboration Tools & Human Behaviour Risk

  • Monitoring & Compliance Solutions for Enterprise Collaboration

  • And much more.

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