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NHS & Asana Table Talk Webinar
23 Sep 2022

NHS & Asana Table Talk Webinar

Generation Digital are excited to announce that on the 20th of October 2022, at 2pm, they will be running a virtual table talk specifically for NHS trusts. This ‘Table Talk’ event is designed for NHS Trusts to showcase their current Asana use cases...

Asana NHS

20 Sep 2022

How to delete a team in Asana


Separating your Asana instance into different teams is a handy way to separate your company into different groups and sections. However, you can...

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Asana Teams

16 Sep 2022

How to create a project in Asana


One of Asana's main and most useful features is its projects. Using them correctly can comprehensively streamline your company's 'work about work'....

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Asana Project Management project

7 Sep 2022

How to roll out a project management tool...


Integrating a new tool into your company can be challenging. Change is often met with resistance, however beneficial the change may be. Therefore,...

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Shakurah Haodhagain-Egan

Shakurah Haodhagain-Egan
Marketing Intern

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