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Building Connected Organizations 

Understanding the Role of IT in Supporting Digital Transformation Initiatives

_building connected organisations IT - Laptop

Most IT leaders recognise that their role is already changing.

As Sanjay Beri, CEO of cloud security provider Netskope, puts it:

“The reality is that the IT department no longer dictates what apps people use. They’re chosen by HR, Marketing, Engineering and Sales. The goal of a CIO is to collaborate with them to make sure that when they make that choice they wrap a governance layer over it. You broker a win-
win for both sides."

Some benefits of building connected organisation are are: 

  • New CEOs are looking to adopt technology, to change the game, to become more competitive. But a lot of them are realising they can’t do it alone

  • Building connected organizations - The key to supporting the transformation agenda of a new CEO isn’t just to align goals across IT, HR and Internal Comms (although of course that’s important)

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