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Workplace Digital Transformation Whitepaper:

Why Connected Organizations will be Open by default

WPF - Whitepaper - Why Connected Organisations Will Be Open by Deafult - Laptop - Transparent

New CEOs are looking to adopt technology, to change the game, to become more competitive. But a lot of them are realizing they can’t do it alone.

This whitepaper is designed to help new CEOs leading digital transformation initiatives take the first step alongside key stakeholders in IT, HR and Internal Comms.

Using Workplace Digital Transformation has the following benefits:

  • A People-First approach to digital transformation - It’s a cultural transformation that has to start with people. Employees adopt technology and move the market

  • Building connected organizations - The best digital transformation initiatives aren’t IT projects at all. Technology plays an important role, of course, but they’re really about people

  • Open by default - fact, 81% of young people say they’d choose an employer that values open communication over one that offers perks like free food and gym memberships

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