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How To Get Your Work Done in Slack 

Shouldn’t You Be Able to do Work Straight from Slack? You Already Spend Your Day There

Untitled_design__27_-removebg-previewSlack as your work hub? - A place where you could close a ticket in Zendesk by clicking a button in Slack, have your leads from Salesforce delivered right to your chat box, create a new Trello card without leaving the channel you’re in, unfurl a Github URL so all the ticket details show up in Slack instead of navigating into Github, then back to Slack to continue the conversation? 

Workbot® for Slack, is a very friendly bot that is powered by the Workato platform, making this imagined world a reality.

Because Workbot runs on Workato’s Enterprise-Grade Integration platform, the connections from Slack to your apps are secure and robust. This is what allows users to take actions inside of their apps, and view information inside of Slack that would normally require you to jump between apps.

Download this FREE guide to discover how to make Slack your work hub with the help of Workato. 

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