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A guide to future proofing your customer service 

Innovate! A guide to future proofing your customer serviceEvery Customer Service (CS) team should have one eye
turned towards future-proofing their operations to keep up with the changing needs of customers.

The future demands 24/7 service, fast and comprehensive responses over any communication avenue the customer chooses (including text!), and useful, well-written help desks where customers can help themselves.

In the world of Customer Service, the possibilities with Workato are truly endless:

  • Connect your CRM, Marketing Automation tool, and chat tool to your Customer Service App to provide complete context to your agents.
  • Be pre-emptive with your support by using a tool like Splunk to monitor your systems for problems and let Workato automatically create a support ticket when issues arise.
  • Provide a framework to take actions across channels e.g. if a CS ticket reports a bug on your website, your agent only has to hit a button to send the issue to Github for the development team.
  • Enable smarter support by using A.I. in real time to escalate tickets to the correct people.
  • Automatically follow up with customers who are slipping away or whose trials are ending.
  • Make your ERP and Customer Service apps communicate for seamless RMA.

Discover how you can use Workato to automate and improve your customer service with this FREE eBook.

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