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Workato: Automate IT

Intelligent Automations for IT Ops, Help Desks, and Security Ops

Workato Automate IT

For too long, the task of integration had to be done with traditional pre-subscription/software-era tools. In a word, it was mayhem. Integration required laborious, expensive and time-consuming code while related processes were owned by specialised IT developers.

Enter the era of “innovation at the speed of synapse.”

The question for CIOs has now become: How do we enable fast, high value innovations in this era of subscription software and services, of cloud and AI, of Big machine data, the connected corporation, the IOT?

That’s where Workato comes into play.

CIOs, meet your Hail Mary Pass. Breathe a sigh of relief. Workato democratises integration by simplifying the delivery of integration capability, making it all something the average business worker can deliver without IT.

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