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Build your strategy for Hybrid Meetings

MIRO X GenD Webinar


Generation Digital have recently launched a partnership with Miro, the online visual collaboration tool. This webinar is designed to demonstrate how Miro can be utilised to more effectively control and direct your meetings.

Hear from Sid van Wijk (Miro) and John Petty (Generation Digital) to learn more about one of the fastest-growing workplace tools. 

   -    Learn how to prepare your office for Hybrid                          Meetings.

   -    Change your meeting culture to fit the post-                          pandemic world. 

   -    Sharing 6 design principles to make hybrid                          work for you.

   -    To help you start working on your Hybrid                              Engagement Strategy.

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I am a Miro Expert and marketing specialist with experience in marketing, digital transformation, and tech. 

John Petty | Head of Miro Marketing | Generation Digital (UK Miro Partners)

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I'm a Presentation Designer and Moderator, with a focus on strategic engagements. For the past 7 years, I've been leading Executive Briefing Centers, first for NetApp, now for Miro.

Sid van Wijk | Head of the Miro Discovery Center Program | Miro

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