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Identity for the internet

Okta is one trusted platform to secure every identity. More than 10,000 organisations trust Okta’s software and APIs to sign in, authorise, and manage users. 

As a trusted Okta partner Generation Digital can help you explore the possibilities by bringing identity management to your organisation.


What do people say about Okta?

“Gatwick Airport never shuts down, and we expect the same from our partners. Okta's enterprise-grade service was the only solution that could meet our technical, operational, and security requirements.”

Michael Ibbitson, CIO, Gatwick Airport

Okta Integration Network

Peace of mind gives you the freedom to dream bigger

Make identity the foundation for your Zero Trust strategy and enable access for all users—regardless of their location, device, or network.

Make the stack of your choice work better for you

Securely adopt and automate any technology from cloud to ground with the Okta Integration Network—the broadest, deepest set of over 7,000 integrations.

Get support for your most important customer-facing initiatives

Build auth into any app. Create secure, delightful experiences quickly by offloading customer identity management to Okta.

Built for developers

APIs and SDKs that are easy to use and up for your toughest challenge. Never stress over complicated OAuth protocols or spend months wrestling with complex CSS, JavaScript, and security integrations again.

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