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Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Balance security and user-friction for your customer apps


Identity attacks such as phishing, credential stuffing, brute-force-attacks, etc. to commit account takeover are increasingly common and getting more sophisticated.

These attacks result in increased security risks, brand damage and outright fraud. Additionally, today’s customer expects seamless access with minimal friction.

Okta Adaptive MFA allows good-users in while keeping attackers out. Use our contextual access policies to detect login anomalies and enforce strong authentication for your customer applications, only when necessary.

  • Risk-based authentication to identify abnormal login patterns
  • Okta Threat Insights mitigates the impact of large scale identity attacks
  • Choose the factors that best fit your organisation
  • Provide users with secure, passwordless options from any device
  • Quick Integration, Easy day-to-day management

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