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Workplace and Smartsheet 
Better Together #3

#BetterTogether Webinar Series - Powered by Generation Digital

Episode #3 Smartsheet


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Webinar overview

In episode #3 of Generation Digital's Better Together Webinar Series (backed by Workplace), we're joined by Michelle Lin from Workplace by Facebook and Dustin Avol from Smartsheet to explore the benefits and use cases for integrating both Smartsheet and Workplace by Facebook to work more collaboratively. 

We demonstrate how you can integrate Smartsheet with Workplace by Facebook.

During this webinar we cover the following:

  • How to integrate Workplace and Smartsheet
  • The different use cases for integrating both tools
  • The benefits of using both Workplace and Smartsheet together
  • How to improve collaboration with Workplace andSmartsheet
Connect Smartsheet to Workplace by Facebook

Why attend?

Combine work & communications to accomplish more, faster. Now, users can receive and reply to Smartsheet notifications, updates and requests without leaving Workplace.  

Eliminate silos, improve visibility and accelerate your team’s work by getting real-time work updates sent directly to your communications hub. Users save time and get more work done while staying in context of the communications around the work.

Key Features:

  • Changes in Smartsheet, sharing notifications, update requests, approval requests, and reminders may now be delivered to Workplace Chat.

  • The message recipient has the ability to respond to the request, set a reminder, or view the notification in Smartsheet for more detail.

  • All Smartsheet notifications in Workplace contain a link to Smartsheet via “View in Smartsheet” button; Single row notifications contain a row link and multiple row notifications contain a sheet link.

  • Users can adjust their preference for where Smartsheet messages are sent in Personal Settings -> Notifications so they can receive them in Workplace.


Michelle Lin - Workplace by Facebook

Michelle Lin, Enterprise Growth Manager at Workplace by Facebook

Michelle Lin is a Client Partner for Workplace by Facebook, working with organisations who believe that transparency and connectivity can transform businesses. Prior to joining Workplace, Michelle worked in education, first as a middle school math teacher serving low-income communities in Brooklyn, NY, before transitioning into education technology startups. She holds a Bachelors of Arts from UCLA and a Masters from Stanford University. 

Dustin Avol

Dustin Avol, Director, Strategic Alliances at Smartsheet

Dustin Avol oversees Business Development, with Technology Partners in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Smartsheet, Dustin was VP of Business Development for Bitium, an Identity and Access Management provider in Southern California which was acquired by Google in 2017. A lifelong Californian, Dustin began his technology career working with enterprise solutions from MTI, EMC, VMware, Cisco and NetApp. A graduate of USC, he currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two young sons.



Workplace and Smartsheet | Better Together #3 

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Graham Mackay, Managing Partner at Generation Digital

Graham Mackay - Managing Partner at Generation Digital hosts the webinar and talks about his experience on helping customers transition to the future of Work with Workplace by Facebook. Generation Digital is a Digital Transformation consultancy and Workplace by Facebook partner.

Graham Mackay - Generation Digital

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