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Huddle Room

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Huddle Room

2-7 people

Create collaboration spaces for small teams to brainstorm and get work done. These kits make it affordable to outfit all your rooms.

What is a huddle room?

The short definition is a small meeting room well suited for people to huddle together for impromptu meetings, discussions, brainstorming and problem solving sessions.

Unlike traditional AV / video conferencing rooms, huddle rooms are typically unmanaged, meaning that they are not centrally scheduled, coordinated, or controlled. Instead, huddle rooms tend to be used on an ad-hoc basis.

The majority of enterprise huddle rooms are NOT currently collaboration ready. Some companies have installed speaker phones or desk phones on the tables in some of their huddle rooms. And some organisations have installed flat screens in some of their smaller meeting spaces. But in general, the typical huddle room is not AV-enabled.

Download: Adding Collaboration to the Huddle Room

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