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Inspiring customer-centric collaboration

From frontline to back office to HQ, Workplace connects entire retail organisations so they can share, collaborate and transform the customer experience with next-generation technology.

Rising customer expectations have put your people in the spotlight.

Download the new Workplace by Facebook Retail Insights report to discover why great brand experiences for your customers start with great work experiences for your employees.

Workplace by Facebook live video

Share your best ideas with live video

A shop's display is its signature style – and a key part of a retail brand. With live video on Workplace, store managers can share in-store displays in real time, helping great ideas go viral while getting feedback through likes and comments.

Accelerate critical information with News Feed

When it comes to important messages such as product recalls, speed matters. That's why News Feed uses advanced AI to surface critical information quickly. Shop managers will be notified immediately and can leave a comment or even post a picture when the item is off shelves, making product recalls not just quick to action but easy to track.

Workplace by Facebook newsfeed
Workplace by Facebook mobile

Empower frontline workers with mobile

Because Workplace is designed for mobile, it can connect frontline workers who've previously been beyond the reach of traditional IT, transforming culture and productivity. When the shop front is connected to the back office on Workplace Chat, restocking is as easy as posting a photo of a product running low on shelves to instantly kick-start the process.

Enable shift swapping with groups

Shift swapping is a reality for nearly every retail business. But when it happens in email or private chats, it can cause chaos for managers. With Workplace, daily or weekly rotas can be posted in a group, with staff using comments to discuss changes. The conversation happens out in the open with no more unwelcome surprises for shops.

Workplace by Facebook inbox
Workplace by Facebook chat

Connect store managers with Workplace Chat

With Workplace Chat groups, managers at different shops can create their own spaces to discuss issues such as last-minute staff or stock shortages, and instantly solve problems without having to wait for head office.

Transform training with video

Training is vital but time-consuming, especially for retailers with high staff turnover or a seasonal workforce. With Workplace, it's easy to create short training videos and upload them to a group. New employees can find, watch and leave feedback, while managers can see exactly who's been viewing. You can even make in-person training available to everybody with live video – cutting down on the time and expense of multiple in-person sessions.

Workplace by Facebook video

How Walmart is using Workplace to enable success in today's digital age.

Technology is core to Walmart’s people-centric mission to enable its associates to serve the communities it’s in.

As its team grows increasingly mobile and distributed, Walmart needs a place to support associates’ growth, build connections and make work simpler.

Walmart wants to build the next generation workforce by embracing next-generation technology, and Workplace is helping them do that.


Early Workplace adopters, experts in Digital Transformation

Generation Digital help organisations of all sizes to learn, implement and adopt Workplace by Facebook to connect people, break down silos, and help organisations create collaborative cultures and embrace the digital ethos.

As a partner of Workplace by Facebook, and with a unique advantage of being one of the early adopters of this platform, we can help you fast track your own implementation of Workplace by Facebook and realise this platform’s maximum benefits, whilst bringing unparalleled collaborative productivity to your organisation. 


Workplace for Retail Insights Report
Workplace by facebook retail insights report
In this Insights Report, you'll discover how to transform collaboration in your business by connecting your people strategy to customer outcomes. And you'll learn about new tools...
Workplace by Facebook for Retail
Workplace by Facebook for retail
Download the two-pager on Workplace by Facebook for Retail to see use cases and case studies from global retail companies. Workplace connects entire retail organisations...
Using Workplace as Your Company Intranet
Workplace is more than a communications tool, it's a place for collaboration and centralising work. This guide gives you details on how to use Workplace as your intranet.


Simple, predictable and with with no long-term contracts.

$0 /month

Standard licence: Free for all customers

$4 /month

Advanced licence: Per person, per month

$1.50 /month

Frontline licence: Per active user, per month


Workplace Advanced & Frontline Add-On is free for registered non-profits and staff of educational institutions.

Frontline Add-On licences can be used in conjunction with Advanced Licences giving you a more affordable way of giving deskless workers access to Workplace at a lower cost