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Workplace and Zoom: Designing an Agile Employee Experience

Better together  - Workplace by Facebook and Zoom


Future workers will be increasingly mobile, which means they will need communication tools as versatile as they are. Tools like Workplace and Zoom are simple, intuitive and designed for people who are always on the go. The workplace is no longer defined by an office address, but instead what digital tools, culture and approaches are in place to get work done.

Mike and Dan covers the latest trends in workplace technology innovations, and showcases how workplace managers can take advantage of technology to design better collaboration spaces, both in traditional meeting rooms and for remote users, to enable a truly agile environment and allow staff to work remotely with a great experience.

Rebuilding a business that is fit for the Future of Work means you need to design a workplace for an agile workforce. Mike and Dan are experts in optimising communication and collaboration within a variety of businesses and industries.


  • The latest trends in workplace technology
  • How to build better collaboration spaces
  • Better Together philosophy
  • How to create an agile environment with Workplace and Zoom
  • How to avoid investing in bad meeting room technology 
  • What other software comes under the Workplace integration directory 


TITLE: Workplace and Zoom: Designing an Agile Employee Experience


  • Mike Adams - Channel Manager EMEA at Zoom
  • Dan O'Leary - Service Partnerships Manager at Workplace by Facebook


Mike Adams - Zoom

Mike Adams has been in the tech industry for more than 25 years, including roles at Apple, HP and Polycom. Mike loves to evangelise the latest workplace technology innovations, and has delivered thousands of demos, presentations and keynotes to senior enterprise clients and partners. Mike currently manages and develops all Zoom technology partners in Europe, Middle-East & Africa, and promotes the workplace of the future powered by Zoom.

Mike Adams - Zoom
Dan O'Leary - Workplace by Facebook
Dan was on the founding team for Workplace by Facebook where he led some of the earliest Workplace deployments with organisations like Starbucks and Farmers Insurance, Dan now leads the Workplace Service Partner program in North America where he is passionate about building communities and bringing the world closer together at work. Dan serves as an advisor to a number of SAAS and enterprise software companies, and he attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where he studied international relations.
Dan O'Leary - Workplace by Facebook