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The Avocor F series - A world of responsive and intelligent interactive touch screen technologies

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The Avocor F series is our open digital collaboration solution which enables smart and effective collaboration in today’s modern workplace or learning environments.

Avocor designs, develops and manufactures some of the most exciting interactive technology solutions in the world. Its touch screens and interactive technologies are leading the way in corporate and education environments that depend on responsive, intelligent operation and a next-generation user experience.

Combining a Microsoft Windows 10 operating platform with Avocor Intelligent Touch using Glass™ technology, the F series delivers a true tablet like experience, designed with ease of use and familiarity in mind. One of the unique features of the F series is that it is completely agnostic, flexible solution and not locked down to propriety software platforms meaning the F series can be easily integrated with a whole host of UC and collaboration tools enabling you to create your ideal collaboration platform, suited to your individual needs and requirements.

The Windows 10 operating system provides native integration with the Microsoft Office software suite, including Office 365, whilst a variety of capability productivity tools can be accessed via the Windows Store. Included is Avocor note by Nureva enhanced whiteboarding tool which enables you to create powerful content quickly and easily, making your meetings more engaging and exciting. Another unique feature is the Advanced Connect and Control Bar feature on the front of the display which hosts control keys, USB inputs, guest connectivity and a front facing Infrared sensor.  The durable, sleek, professional design offers a 17mm Bezel that has an ultra-low profile of 2mm that is not affected by dirt and dust and therefore significantly reduces display downtime.

The Avocor F series offers 10 Point Touch Screen Displays, 4K Ultra HD resolution* and un-paralleled smooth pen action and comes in a choice 65”, 75” and 84” Sizes.  The teaching tool Eclipse Software is now included.

Unlike other available solutions, the F series is completely flexible, allowing you to make your meetings more engaging by adding cameras, microphones or whatever you want to create the perfect collaboration environment for your business. We can help you design and integrate the best possible solution for your requirements.

The Avocor F series delivers a room ready solution built for today, offering an easy upgrade path for tomorrow’s needs, meaning your investment is future proofed. 
Generation Digital create tailor-made technology that helps you grow your business, become more productive and save money.

Avocor F Series Corporate overview

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Read our recent case study covering;

Cloud collaboration and learning platform with Avocor F series for Guildhall School, part of City of London

Guildhall School Image.jpg 

Avocor F Series Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub

Organise a demo of the lastest Avocor F Series & Digital Workplace technology

Demo suites available in London, South and North. We offer attractive pricing on multiple units. 

Talk to our experts and we can show you how to take back control of your meeting space, whilst maximising your resources and gaining a quick ROI after adopting Digital prodcuts across your business spaces.

Our experts can help you plan, install and integrate these along with all other leading Digital,  Cloud and Audio Visual Technology.

Avocor F Series Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel Microsoft Surface Hub Alternative

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Avocor 65", 75" and 84" DisplaysAvocor 65" 75" 84" F Series Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub

Large displays are generally regarded as a ‘must have’ technology to facilitate the meeting space and collaboration along with teaching / learning function of demonstration and modelling. With massive 65”, 75” or 84” displays, Avocor screens are suitable for various meeting sizes and offer smooth gesture controls familiar to all. 

Get in touch for Demo, we can put together the whole integrated solution with digital innovation and cloud along with the latest audio visual accessories.  

See Below for PDF Datasheets -Avocor F Series 

Avocor F-6500 Generation Digital 65 Inch Full HD

Avocor F-6510 Generation Digital 65 Inch 4K

Avocor F-7510 Generation Digital 75 Inch 4K

Avocor F-8410 Generation Digital 84 Inch 4K

Avocor AVC-SB1 Soundbar Specsheet


EMS Protect & Empower your connected Organisation

Collaborate effectively using cloud based software applications that enhance team communication and participation, works perfectly with Avocor F Series.

With the cloud-based software, true collaboration that engages every team member is finally possible. Everyone – both in the room and working from a distance – can see all material and contribute in real time, meaning the whole group benefits from everyone’s perspectives. Users can develop deeper understanding of the material and arrive at new ideas faster. Because all work happens in the cloud, it’s always available. Users trade the impermanence of paper for the persistence of digital data. Canvases are always up to date and accessible. There’s no paper footprint, and in business, no need for costly travel or waiting to get team members in the same room.

Avocor F Series Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last 10 years!

Business can happen anywhere and at any time, hence there is a growing need for organisations to invest in tools that enhance productivity and increases business agility. Another consideration for meeting room technology is the trend towards collaborative working, the principle that people working together on projects and initiatives creating improved outcomes to siloed based activity. 

In-meeting room technology

With the average employee spending up to 65% of their working day in meetings, businesses are faced with the challenge of creating meeting spaces that fulfil the needs of the modern workplace. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing meeting room or create a huddle space where topics discussed in an informal environment, Avocor interactive displays help spark ideas and create solutions.

Avocor F Series

Remote meeting technology

As we continue the trend to a more mobile, remote workforce, organisations need to ensure that employees and customers feel included and engaged in the conversation regardless of whether they are physically in the meeting room. Because Avocor solutions are built on a completely open platform, 3rd party UC&C tools can be easily added to enhance communication and collaboration.

Sharing and keeping

The familiar Windows 10 operating platform embedded on the F series enables meeting notes to be stored in notebooks directly from the Avocor display in applications such as OneNote. Content can be captured and shared easily to any device or emailed to view, edit and even collaborate, during and following the meeting.

Avocor ROI - Real time collaboration from anywhere increase productivity, connects team members, increases speed of projects and decisions.

Avocor Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub

Avocor also works perfectly with The Nureva Span System - click here learn more

Start with versatile cloud-based services. Add intuitive apps and wall software. Surround with purpose-built hardware. Learn how the Span system delivers the collaboration experience you need. 


Nuvera Span Software



No user guide required

The touch screen of choice for the work place. Delivering Microsoft Office apps directly inside the panel. This is the next generation of workplace technology. The F series from Avocor is driven by a Windows 10 PC, meaning users gain direct access from the standard range of Microsoft software, including Office 365 that they are already familiar with - so no learning curve - just out of the box productivity

Avocor X Series Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub


Devices working for you

Connect and enhance team communication regardless of location using cloud based applications such as Skype for Business, Google Hangout or Adobe Web Conferencing & connecting a high quailty web camera Microphone system. 

Avocor and Skype for Business Avocor Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub

Avocor Nureva Span Cloud Collaboraiton.jpg

avocor Greatness in COLLABORATION 

Avocor Windows 10 Avocor Interactive Smartboard Touch Screen Panel is Cheaper than Microsoft Surface Hub
Microsoft Windows 10

With a Windows 10 Operating System and built in WiFi, users are able to wirelessly access, manage and create content using familiar software packages.

Avocor InGlass touch.png
Inglass touch

InGlass™ is up to five times more responsive than other screens, meaning there will be no more waiting for the ink to catch up!

Export Canvases Nureva Span
Passive stylus. Active results

Because InGlass™ touch technology can precisely recognise the size of the object touching it, it can easily tell the differencebetween a your finger, pen, eraser or palm. 

Avocor Support
Awards Winners and Support

Winner of multiple industry awards including Best of Show at ISE 2017. With leading warranty and support making sure you always ready to collaborate. 

Meeting room Managment - Evoko Liso Room Manager

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book meeting rooms through your digital calendar or directly onto the screen using your fingertips. Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the screen or use the calendar to search for other available rooms based on size or equipment. Thanks to the green and red light aura you can see at a glance if the room is vacant or not, so no more confusion or double bookings.

Learn More About the Evoko Liso Room Manager


Avocor F series UC Video

Wherever you need to collaborate be it a big meeting space, small huddle room, open team space, classroom or elsewhere,  there’s visual collaboration system for you. Choose the configuration that suits your space, working style and budget. 

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