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Asana: Work anytime, anywhere

Keep your remote teams, and your organisation focused on goals, projects, and tasks by using Asana.

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Work on big ideas, without the busywork

From the everyday tasks to the bigger picture, Asana organises work making it clear what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.


Before Asana: Projects feel messy, work slips, it’s difficult to see clearly, and your employees are frazzled. 

After Asana:  Your organisation is working in one place, you and your team are on top of things, your goals are aligned, and you love what you do.

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Configurable member settings
Increased data control
Reduced manual work
Personalised customer support

Category Leading Project Management 

Find out why G2 ranks Asana #1 for Project Management Software for Enterprise Businesses.

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G2 Grid Asana
Asana Tools

Hundreds of ways to integrate with your favourite apps

Keep work connected by integrating Asana to your organisation’s tools through open API and native integrations.

Enterprise-grade security you can rely on

Asana has comprehensive privacy and security programs, and international data offerings, to help you protect and manage your organisation’s work data where you need it.




Why Generation Digital?

Generation Digital is the only Asana Solutions Partner listed on the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 12 Framework.

We can help clients from the UK public sector find and procure cloud computing services. We also provide the support to set up and maintain your software and services.

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Asana Resources

Understanding Agile

Asana - Understanding and implementing Agile

Agile has the potential to contribute to a more nimble and effective workplace, and with the help from work management platforms like Asana, it’s never been simpler to try.

The Asana Playbook to OKRs

Asana - The Asana Playbook to OKRs Ebook - Cover

OKRs should be connected to work—the day-to-day tasks and projects that actually drive progress towards our goals. OKRs can deliver incredible benefits to any organisation.

Anatomy of Work Index 2021

Anatomy of Work 2021

Anatomy of Work 2021 explores how individuals, teams, and entire organisations can bring clarity to the chaos through work management, reset for resilience, and flourish as they move forward.

What is Work Management - and why your team needs it

Asana - What is work management and why your team needs it Ebook - Cover

Without a system for planning, organising, and executing work, confusion and chaos grow, causing teams to move slowly, miss deadlines, and fail to achieve their most ambitious goals. That’s where work management can help.

What's the ROI of a work management platform?

Whats the ROI of a work management platform asana 2

Work management is a broad system, encapsulating projects, planning and processes. Essentially, project management and associated methodologies like Agile or Waterfall, sit within work management but they are just one branch of the overall system.

Aligning Teamwork to your Organisation's Mission

Asana - Aligning Teamwork to your Organisation Mission - Cover

When organizations successfully align their people behind a shared mission, amazing things can happen. Employees can tap into greater reservoirs of creativity, energy, and focus, and organizations can achieve things they never thought possible.

How people spend their time at work

Asana - Anatomy of Work - How people spend their time at work report - Cover

Worldwide, companies are doing too much "work", causing them to waste time, effort, and resources at the cost of productivity, and ultimately, employee engagement.

Distributed teams and the future of work

Asana - Anatomy of Work - Remote Teams report - Cover

The Anatomy of Work: Remote Teams survey evaluated the behaviours and attitudes of 5,140 full-time employees currently working beyond the office in Australia, Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.

Overcoming barriers to productivity

Asana - Anatomy of Work overcoming barriers to productivity

Work doesn’t work like it used to. The rise of collaboration tools, cloud technology and mobile devices has fundamentally transformed how we work. But instead of delivering greater clarity and engagement, the modern work environment is defined by distractions and context switching, longer hours at the office, and reduced employee focus.

Asana Use Cases

Welcome to Asana

Asana Brochure - Transparent - Laptop Landscape

With Asana, teams of all sizes can manage everything from daily tasks to strategic initiatives on one powerful, easy-to-use, and beautifully designed platform so they can work together and accomplish goals more efficiently.

Asana for Operations

Asana for Business Operations -Transparent - Laptop Landscape

With Asana for Operations, you can connect and manage all of the underlying processes of your team’s work to kick off projects faster, automate manual work, and keep your business agile and efficient.

Asana for Business

Asana for Business - Transparent - Laptop Landscape (1)

Asana for Business provides a complete work management solution for you to plan, manage, and monitor everything from daily tasks to strategic initiatives on one powerful, easy-to-use, and beautifully designed platform.

Manage Content Marketing with Asana

Asana  Manage Content Marketing Programmes - Transparent - Laptop Landscape (1)

Asana provides a single view and workspace for your entire content marketing program so you can create, publish, and track the impact of higher-quality content, faster, across all of your marketing channels.

Execute your Marketing Strategies with Asana

Asana - Marketing Strategies -Transparent - Laptop Landscape

With Asana, you can operationalise your marketing strategies into programs and campaigns so everyone, from managers to individual contributors, feels connected to the plan and knows what work to prioritise.

Manage your Campaigns with Asana


Asana enables campaign managers to translate briefs into detailed workback schedules, make responsibilities
and deadlines clear, track every step so nothing falls through the cracks— so your campaign can launch on time.

Product Launches with Asana

Asana - Product Launch - Transaparent - Laptop Landscape

Asana helps product marketers manage an entire launch in one place, so they can accurately report on progress, allocate or shift resources as needed and address work that’s at risk or blocked to launch on time.

Manage your events with Asana

Asana - Manage Events - Transparent - Laptop Landscape

With Asana, you have a single source of truth for all your events so you can deliver more engaging and impactful experiences for attendees.

Asana for Sales and Account Management

Asana - Sales and Account Management teams - Transparent - Laptop Landscape

Asana for Sales and Account Management connects key teams and their favourite business tools at every stage of the sales process so you can easily communicate, collaborate, and deliver winning customer experiences to close bigger deals.

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