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Driving Digital Transformation

MAXImise the benefits from cloud

Cloud - Enabling Digital Transformation

Over the last five years, technology has reshaped the way we do business. Cloud computing has not only driven IT costs down, it has helped companies across industries increase flexibility and productivity. They’re interacting with their partners and suppliers in seamless, organised ways. In addition, they are driving greater employee satisfaction by making it easy to connect and collaborate. In this new digital world, access to information is real-time, personalized, and mobile. However, cloud-based computing also introduces a radical shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed, as well as how organizations budget and pay for technology services. 

Moving to the cloud is not just about saving costs on IT anymore—it’s about creating the environment that lets your business thrive. The digital revolution has made it easier than ever to connect with customers, develop ground-breaking new insights and scientific breakthroughs, and deliver innovative new products and services. When you use the Cloud, you clear away obstacles to innovation like high costs and long-term contracts—and you can take advantage of hundreds of unique services, a broad partner ecosystem, and continued innovation to drive business solutions and grow your business. 

Generation Digital - Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud adoption across any organisation is a major undertaking. Our team of experts will ensure that your cloud programme is a success and delivers all the benefits highlighted in your business case - quickly. 

Based on the best practices from many successful engagements, our Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) brings together the best technology, practices and learnings for enterprise-wide cloud adoption. We walk you through our comprehensive framework for cloud adoption, helping you build your own cloud program so you can deliver business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation. Our comprehensive set of services covers everything you need when it comes to the cloud - from strategy, migration, and automation, to management, capacity, and training.

Key Benefits of Cloud:

  1. Trade capital expense for variable expense.
  2. Benefit from massive economies of scale.
  3. Stop guessing about capacity.
  4. Increase speed and agility.
  5. Stop spending money running and maintaining data centres.
  6. Go global in minutes.
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