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Evoko Liso

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Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book meeting rooms through your digital calendar or directly onto the screen using your fingertips. Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the screen or use the calendar to search for other available rooms based on size or equipment. Thanks to the green and red light aura you can see at a glance if the room is vacant or not, so no more confusion or double bookings.

Evoko Liso

Since 2010, Evoko Room Manager has taken the hassle out of room bookings across the globe, with the original touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms.

Now they introduce the New Evoko Liso. Even brighter and lovelier to look at and use. With the same mission as ever – making sure all your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way and maximising their utilisation.

Evoko Liso

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Evoko Liso

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Talk to our experts and we can show you how to take back control of your meeting space, whilst maximising your resources and gaining a quick ROI after adopting Evoko Liso room management across your business spaces.

 Our experts can help you plan, install and integrate these along with all other leading Digital,  Cloud and Audio Visual Technology.

Evoko Liso

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Bright and Helpful Room Management

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book a room with your favorite digital calendar, or directly on the screen using your fingertip. Now we are taking the intuitive user interface to a whole new level that brings form and fucntion.

All information is elegantly presented on the screen and it actually changes information on the display when someone walks up to it (using a proximity sensor) , always displaying the most relevant information.

Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the clock or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment in your organistion. Thanks to the green and red light aura you can see at a glance if the room is vacant or not. No more confusion or double bookings!

Evoko Liso




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Insight & Reporting

Evoko Liso gives you full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to really optimize resources. You get decision-making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web based Evoko Home – now more comprehensive than ever.

Make sure you use the perfect room for every single meeting. Evoko Home also offers extensive multisite management options with permission control and real-time monitoring of the units. It has never been easier to open the door to a much more efficient meeting culture.

Evoko Reference and Awards.

Evoko LisoEvoko Liso

Check in to confirm

The much appreciated “check in” function helps you to free up meeting space by cancelling bookings when no one shows up.

Any non-functioning equipment in the room? Simply report it on the screen.

Evoko Liso’s open API integrates smoothly with other 3rd party systems. You could, as an example, get the AC turned on 10 minutes before a meeting is scheduled to start. RFID/NFC and PIN verification enables easy identification for on-screen bookings and the possibility to restrict access for certain rooms or groups.

Picture rear of Evoko Liso unit.

 Evoko Liso

Evoko Liso meeting room glass.jpg

Greatness in Room Managemnt

Evoko Liso Room Scheduler
Clarity is Key

Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings and no shows. Book conference rooms easily and then have all information presented on the Evoko Liso.

Book ad hoc meetings on the screen or use your smart phone or normal calendar software. Anyone can use it, it is that easy!

Optimise the use of rooms

Increase the meeting room availability by using the check-in function that releases booked meeting rooms where no one show up.

Optimize the resources usage and get valuable decision making support, by analyzing statistics from the units. Open the door to a new more effective meeting culture.

Happy IT / Facilities Department

Turnkey solution with everything needed included in the box. No extra hard- or software required and no license or subscription fees. A one time cost with everything included.

Remote Management for smooth configuration, updates and overview of the Room Managers.

A seamless integration to existing e-mail server. Secure, reliable and with minimal infringement to existing IT environment.

Warranty and Support
  • Mounting kits for both standard and glass walls
  • Evoko Home application (used for configuration, synchronisation and administration)
  • Software upgrades for the Evoko Liso unit and Evoko Home
  • Power Supply (if needed, typically installed with PoE)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free product support via phone/email/web-tickets for as long as the Liso units are used

Evoko Minto Conference Phone

Evoko Minto is intelligent, really easy to work with and all rather gorgeous. With a remarkable ability to hear what’s important and what isn’t. All thanks to a unique sound technology. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: fast tracking you to the core of the meeting. Getting the message through to everyone — wherever you are!

Learn More Evoko Minto 

Evoko Liso Room Scheduler

Evoko Liso & Minto

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