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Over 10,000 NHS employees use Asana

They use it to manage team projects and tasks

Asana helps teams organise workflows from little projects to strategic initiatives. Asana is used by over 100,000 paid organisations and millions of customers in over 192 countries. The NHS is one of our most trusted partner in the UK! 

Global clients, such as Google, Uber, Deloitte, Vodafone, BUPA, Spotify, PayPal & Avon rely on Asana when it comes to managing company goals, digital transformation, project launches and marketing campaigns.


We ensure your adoption of Asana boosts productivity


Our specialists have helped organisations and teams of all different sizes effectively implement Asana - both for accomplishing everyday tasks and running huge company-wide projects with workflows and automation.

Within the NHS we support users across Transformation, Communications, Pharmacy, Digital, Clinical, and Resourcing teams and many more!

Find out if your team could benefit from Asana...

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Get what matters done

Teams waste 61% of their time on work about work.
Don't be one of them.

Complete Work Control

Manage projects, tasks, subtasks, milestones, approvals, custom fields, portfolios and more.

The Big Picture

Asana lets cross-functional teams collaborate and shows them how their work supports company objectives.

Project Views

With boards, lists, timelines and calendars users can visualise projects however works best for them.

Work automation

Don’t waste time on menial tasks. Let automation simplify your workflow and reduce errors.


Get more from Asana with the help of Generation Digital

Certified Asana Solutions Partner - United Kingdom
Official Asana Implementation Partner for the NHS

Discover how Asana is being used by the Automation Accelerator team at NHS Northampton General Hospital.

Case Study

How to deploy Risk management in Asana (Case study: NHS Kettering and Northampton)

G-Cloud Framework

We are licensed to operate Asana services under the UK Government's G-Cloud 13 Framework making it easier for public sector organisations to purchase cloud software and services.

Asana Trials

Click below to request an Asana trial. As a certified Asana Solutions partner, we can provide all licenses, contract and invoicing to meets organisational policies and procedures.

Asana NHS templates

See our templates for different Asana use cases. See things such as: Risk Management Reporting, Request Forms, Meeting Logs, Goals, Partnership Objects, and Capacity Planning

Additional Training

In addition to selling licenses, implementation, and integration services, we can provide on-going training for individual teams and entire organisations. 


Early Asana adopters, experts in Digital Transformation

Generation Digital helps organisations of all sizes to learn, implement and adopt Asana to connect people, break down silos, and help organisations create collaborative cultures and embrace the digital ethos.

With a unique advantage of being one of the early adopters of this platform, we can help you fast track your own implementation and adoption of Asana for Enterprise. 


Download Asana eBooks

What's the ROI of a work management platform? (eBook)
Whats the ROI of a work management platform asana

People sometimes confuse work management with project management, but they’re different. Work management is a broad system, encapsulating projects, planning and processes.


What is work management - and why your team needs it (eBook)
Asana - What is work management and why your team needs it Ebook - Cover

Without a system for planning, organising, and executing work, confusion and chaos grow, causing teams to move slowly, miss deadlines, and fail to achieve their most ambitious goals.



Speak to one of our experts

Aligning teamwork to your organisation's mission (eBook)
Asana - Aligning Teamwork to your Organisation Mission - Cover

When organisations successfully align their people behind a shared mission, amazing things can happen. Employees can tap into greater reservoirs of creativity, energy, and focus, and organizations can achieve things they never thought possible.