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IT and business executives need to apply a risk-management approach that balances economic value against risks to avoid financial loss and potentially a prison sentence

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Cloud Security, Identity & Access Management

Cyber security remains a key problem for businesses large and small. One key weakness in many organisations is cloud identity protection within online environments, as staff members and ex-staffers continue to be a major area of cyber security risk for organisations.

UK organisations continue to suffer from cyber security breaches. A recent PwC survey finds that nine in ten (90%) large organisations and 74% of small organisations are affected. The costs of such intrusions have been increasing year on year. For large organisations costs now come in at a little under £1.5 million to £3.14 million, while for small organisations the range starts at £75,200 and goes up to around £310,800. Recently, large scale infiltrations of consumer goods companies and financial institutions by hackers have resulted in the loss of a large number of consumer records, including the 76 million records stolen from JP Morgan Chase and the 145 million customer records copied from eBay’s database.

Technology can help. Our simple and secure cloud security and identity management solutions provide a holistic approach to cloud security to protect the business and unlock value. Centrally manage identities across your datacentre and the cloud with a mobile device management software solution, providing secure single sign-on to all of your applications.

As employees bring their personal devices to work and adopt readily available SaaS applications, maintaining control over their applications across corporate datacentres and public cloud platforms has become a significant challenge.
Microsoft has proven experience in identity management through Windows Server Active Directory and Forefront Identity Manager. Now we have extended our offerings to provide you with a powerful set of cloud-based identity and access management solutions on Azure Active Directory.

Increase productivity and reduce helpdesk costs with self-service and single sign-on experiences.

Employees are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device. They also save time when they can perform self-service tasks like resetting a forgotten password, or requesting access to an application, without waiting for assistance from the helpdesk.

Cloud Security & Identity Services

  • Security strategy and risk services—We help clients assess security and risk tolerance, determine the right level of security for their cloud ambitions and design a comprehensive strategy and architecture to support their goals.
  • Identity and access management—We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access to cloud and enterprise services and applications.
  • Application and infrastructure security—Our infrastructure solutions start by getting foundation security services right across the extended enterprise and cloud ecosystem. Our application security solutions help clients design, develop and deploy secure cloud-based applications.
  • Data protection/active defense—Our data protection solutions determine the right data to migrate, providing balanced, protective measures required to enable growth, in any cloud model, while keeping within established risk tolerances.

Key benefits:

  1. Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise, keeping users, groups and devices in sync
  2. Provide single sign-on access to your applications including thousands of pre-integrated SaaS apps
  3. Enable application access security by enforcing rules-based Multi-Factor Authentication for both on-premises and cloud applications
  4. Improve user productivity with self-service password reset and application access requests for directories in the datacentre and the cloud
  5. Provide secure remote access to on-premises web applications through Azure AD Application Proxy
  6. Take advantage of the high-availability and reliability of a worldwide, enterprise-grade, cloud-based identity and access management solution

Download the Identity Driven Security Datasheet

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