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Terms and Conditions - Google Jamboard 

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Terms & Conditions Google Jamboard 

Return Policy.

Before you open the package(s) / carton(s) of product(s) purchased from Generation Digital, if for any reason you would like to return the product(s), you may return the product(s) (excluding the Annual management and support fee and G Suite license) within 14 calendar days after receiving the product(s) by contacting hello@gend.co. YOU WILL BE CHARGED £1000 RE-STOCKING PER ITEM FEE PLUS THE RETURN SHIPPING COST AND ASSOCIATED COSTS.

If you have paid in advance and the product(s) are not shipped out yet, you will be refunded within 14 calendar days of giving the cancellation notice, or in the case of physical product(s) within 14 calendar days of our receipt of the product(s) in ORIGINAL UNOPENED PACKAGES(S) / CARTON(S) which are returned by you, or if sooner 14 calendar days after we receive proof that the product(s) in ORIGINAL UNOPENED PACKAGES(S) / CARTON(S) have been returned to Generation Digital.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, ANNUAL MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT FEE, G SUITE LICENSE AND SHIPPING, HANDLING FEE & INSTALLATION FEE INCLUDING SITE SURVEY ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Returned product(s) must be UNOPENED as you received them with the original package(s) / carton(s) and you are responsible for the freight cost and risk of loss of such return shipment. ONCE THE PACKAGE IS OPENED, THE PRODUCT CANNOT BE RETURNED. THIS RETURN POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY. Generation Digital will not accept for return of any product(s) not purchased from Generation Digital directly.

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