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Increase the business value and reduce cost of enterprise collaboration. Drive productivity companywide.

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Driving Digital Transformation

Accelerating Business Value with Digital Collaboration

People Centred Collaboration

Companies need a workforce that works smarter, faster and more productively. To achieve it they need to embed social collaborative technology deep into processes, use the technology to shape collaborative behaviour, and ultimately transform the way organisations find and allocate expertise. Companies don’t need collaborative platforms that employees use to talk about their work, they need collaborative solutions that create new ways for employees to do their work.

The question for leaders is how to move from old platforms and find solutions that create new ways for employees to do their work.

Executives are sold on the need for collaboration and the value of collaboration technology: Surveys of IT and business leaders show 77 percent of decision makers are using social collaboration technologies, and 82 percent of businesses which use them want to use more of them in the future. The need is especially great in today’s enormous global organizations.

Collaboration Services

  • Enterprise Collaboration Strategy
  • Microsoft SharePoint Intranets and Extranets
  • Portal Upgrades and Migrations
  • On Premise, hosted, cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Enterprise Social Networks
  • Current State Health Checks
  • Business Process Automation
  • Document Management Search Optimisation

Key Benefits

  1. Generation Digital works with you to deliver the services that you need to improve team performance, make communications more direct, foster creativity enable knowledge sharing and give everyone a voice.
  2. Streamlined delivery of high quality IT services to your employees and partners with comprehensive management of your collaboration applications and infrastructure.
  3. A reliable, modern digital workplace, kept modern with continual enhancements and optimizations yet without the risks and challenges of trying to do so on your own.
  4. Innovations that help you achieve the business outcomes you seek and improve overall enterprise performance, while improving costs from capital expenditures to operating expenses.

Looking for the best Collaborative hardware for your meeting or learning area, we are partnered with Bett Digital Device finalists Avocor, please link here for more info.

Read our success story for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Part of City of London Generation Digital integrated Avocor hardware with the very best cloud solutions from Microsoft, Adobe and Lifesize.  


Nureva Span visual collaboration system is made for people looking to do great things – together. It’s all done within an expansive, cloud-based canvas perfect for Agile working. Learn more click here.

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