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Workplace by Facebook Consultants

Generation Digital are Workplace by Facebook Consultants helping organisations deploy the social network everyone knows, designed for internal collaboration. Completely separate from your personal account, Workplace allows you to update your Groups, share files, and communicate via text and video chats. Remove the silos of communication and transform the way you work.




workplace by facebook consultants

Better Communications with Workplace

The world’s most popular social platform is now available to help your business teams stay engaged and in the loop. Allow everyone, regardless of stature, to stay up to date on projects and company news.

Workplace for Business Services and Solutions

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Simplified Collaboration

Create different types of Groups, organize discussions around topics, and collaborate with teams, agencies, and remote employees.

  • Announcements
  • Teams & Projects
  • Open Discussions
  • Social and More
workplace by facebook consultants

Familiar Tools

Drive adoption and productivity with familiar tools.

  • Comment
  • Chat
  • Like and Share
  • Live Video

 Workplace by Facebook Generation Digital Services & Solutions

workplace by facebook consultants

Seamless Sharing

Easily share files, comment on projects and loop in stakeholders.

Search for anything, find the answers, past group posts
or the files you need using search.


workplace by facebook consultants

For companies who get things done

All kinds of companies use Workplace;

Jim Daniell, COO, Oxfam America

"You don’t hear this too often, where the company is rolling out a new product and users cheer. They are literally delighted."

Nisaba Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products, India

"It makes a company smaller and more human, just like Facebook does for the world in general."

Clive Gardiner RNIB, Group Head of Digital and Content - UK

“For the first time, all RNIB employees can collaborate, participate and share ideas. We’ve never had this level of flexibility and accessibility for our blind and partially sighted staff. Workplace has unified different parts of the organization – cutting through hierarchy.”


workplace by facebook consultants

Facebook Security

Facebook understands security is paramount. It built its own infrastructure and tools to protect your data, and additionally follows third-party industry standards like those set by the Cloud Security Alliance.


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Why Generation Digital as your partner for Workplace?

 We can help your organization develop policy and governance, configuration, administration, communications, training and establish user adoption best practice. Ask our experts how you can start communicating better with Workplace today.

workplace by facebook consultants