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Zoom Voice - Next Gen
Enterprise Phone System.



Zoom Voice - Modern cloud business communications with video, voice, conferencing, and messaging in one easy to use solution.

Complete cloud phone system
Enable your employees with traditional business phone system features and capabilities to allow them to interact anytime, anywhere.

Centralised management
Provision and manage users and view business interaction intelligence with easy-to-use centralized administrative capabilities.

Secure and reliable
The globally distributed Zoom cloud platform delivers secure HD Voice with enterprise-class reliability and quality of service.

Zoom Voice - Communicate from anywhere, anytime.

  • Single app for voice, video, voicemail, messaging, meetings, and conferencing

  • Seamlessly make and receive calls over cellular voice, cellular data, or WiFi connections

  • Native Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android apps
zoom voice

Zoom Voice - Modern enterprise cloud phone system capabilities.

  • Intelligent Call Routing & Management
    Never miss a call. With intelligent personal and system call routing capabilities, calls are quickly and efficiently connected.

  • Modern Desktop & Mobile Apps
    Powerful apps unlock the ability to communicate and interact with contacts from any device, from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Auto Attendant & IVR
    Reduce the workload of your receptionists and create automated attendants with easy-to-use call routing wizards.

  • Voicemail & Call Recording Transcriptions
    Easily listen to or read your transcribed voicemails and phone calls from any PC, deskphone, or mobile device.

  • Secure HD Audio
    Enable your employees to communicate with secure high definition voice conversations.

  • Interoperability with Standards-based Endpoints
    Connect traditional desk phones, fax machines, overhead paging systems, and even 3rd party PBXs to the Zoom Cloud.


Early Zoom adopters, experts in Digital Transformation

Generation Digital help organisations of all sizes to learn, implement and adopt Zoom to connect people, break down silos, and help organisations create collaborative cultures and embrace the digital ethos.

With a unique advantage of being one of the early adopters of this platform, we can help you fast track your own implementation and adoption of Zoom, whether it's Zoom software or Zoom Rooms.

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