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Accelerating Cloud Adoption on All Major Platforms


We provide the fastest and most cost-effective way to migrate your workloads to the cloud. Whether you’re moving to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, our team of experts will get you there successfully.

Most CIOs have a deep desire to get out of the data center business to reduce their IT costs. This requires a significant migration of application workloads out of data centers and into public clouds. Our experience points to an average TCO savings of 40% year-over-year achieved through migrating to the cloud.

Following best practices from the Cloud Adoption Program, our migration experts work with you to build a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC). This MVC will become the centerpiece of your cloud program and prepare you for a full-scale migration.

Our prescriptive migration approach addresses questions including:

  • How can I prepare my team and technology for a full-scale migration?
  • How can I transition my organization from being hardware-centric to software-focused?
  • What application should I select for my first MVC application?
  • What applications can immediately move to the cloud?
  • What applications need to be rewritten or modernized for success in the cloud?

Cloud Adoption Overview

Over the past few years, cloud has evolved from being seen as IT industry hype with limited relevance to larger Enterprise or Public Sector organisations, to become the “new normal”. 

Today a growing number of organisations are exploiting the power, agility and predictable costs that cloud offers to accelerate their digital transformation. Whether you’re considering moving existing enterprise applications into the cloud, looking to develop new cloud based services for your customers or adopt an agile “DevOps” approach to new service development, we are able to help.

The public cloud services market will grow by 16.5% this year alone, as many organisations shift away from legacy IT services and pursue a digital business strategy - Gartner

Our highly experienced team in partnership with leading cloud providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure currently manage more than 1,000 cloud instances on behalf of our customers, so we’re ideally placed to help you on your cloud journey.

Our consultants are on hand to assess the cloud readiness of your organisation and then recommend the right strategy for you.  Whether you’re looking for the flexibility and agility to meet fluctuating business demands, seeking new ways to innovate faster, require enhanced compliance and security or wish to free up internal resources, no two journeys are the same and a one size fits all approach simply isn’t effective. It’s for that reason that we take a personalised approach with each customer engagement, working to fully understand the needs of your organisation.

We can then design and build new cloud-native applications, migrate and cloud optimise your existing applications and provide a fully managed service around the cloud environment of your choice be it Public or Hybrid.

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