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Avocor manufacture Next Generation Cloud Collaborative Multi-touch 4K Screens

Avocor screens have been designed with Corporates, teachers & students in mind. With an integrated Windows 10 computer, the Avocor interactive touch screens redefine the whole concept of large meeting space/classroom displays for collaborative working.

Happy and Productive users out of the box

Large displays are generally regarded as a ‘must have’ technology to facilitate the meeting space and collaboration along with teaching/learning function of demonstration and modelling. With massive 65”, 75” or 84” displays, Avocor screens are suitable for various meeting sizes and offer smooth gesture controls familiar to all.

Avocor and Windows 10

Integrated Windows 10 Operating System

With a Windows 10 Operating System and built-in WiFi, teachers are able to wirelessly access, manage and create content using familiar software packages. Students and teachers also receive access to thousands of educational apps on the Windows App Store, ensuring learning is always exciting and curriculum focussed.

Productivity solutions for your digital business

The touchscreen of choice for the workplace. Delivering Microsoft Office apps directly inside the panel. This is the next generation of workplace technology. The VTF range from Avocor is driven by a Windows 10 PC, meaning users gain direct access from the standard range of Microsoft software, including Office 365 that they are already familiar with - so no learning curve - just out of the box productivity.

Avocor Front Tilt
Avocor implementation services

Providing the whole integrated solution

We can design and implement your workspace/meeting space with all the latest digital devices to enable the very best productivity and collaboration, including the very best cloud integrations and video conferencing for all the leading UC cloud vendors.

Authorised Avocor reseller

E10 Series (E6510, E7510, E8610) | F10 Series (F6510, F7510, F8410)  | F50 Series (F6550, F7550, F8650)  | WCD Series (AVW-6555)

Avocor products - E10 Series, F10 Series, F50 Series, WCD Series

Interested in Avocor?

Get in touch for Demo, we can put together the whole integrated solution with digital innovation and cloud along with the latest audio visual accessories.

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