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Asana brings Video Messaging to Work Management with Desktop app.

By Thomas Jones | June 11, 2021
Thomas Jones


Work management and team collaboration platform Asana is betting on a post-pandemic hybrid workforce with the launch of a new feature that allows teams to communicate through video messaging.

The San Francisco-based company has also launched its long-awaited native Asana desktop app for Windows and Mac. Previously users were limited to browser versions and mobile apps since Asana’s creation more than a decade ago. The app launch also sees a dark mode available across Asana’s desktop, web and mobile platforms.

While the world has adapted to regular live video chats as part of their home-working setup, asynchronous communication is the silver bullet to Zoom fatigue and a potential tool for successful long-term remote working.

Video messaging means teams spread across time zones and split between the office and home will be able to communicate subtle messages without having to all be online at the same time. It’s why Loom is now a billion-dollar company and why giants such as Atlassian are integrating Loom’s tech directly into their apps.

Asana has partnered with Vimeo for the video messaging functionality, which launched a video messaging toolset for teams last year. Asana users will be able to create short videos of themselves and their screens, with auto-generated transcripts that make it possible for team members to search later for videos using keyword searches directly inside Asana.

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