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A recent survey found that Asana had one of the best free plans on the market and that anyone can sign up and get access to an Asana account. But with every software, there are paid plans, and Asana's paid plans can vary in price. Luckily, this Asana guide will help you understand everything in detail. 

At Generation Digital, we have analysed and reviewed more than 20 different tools to develop our ranking of the best project management software, with results showing Asana winning over Monday.com. But Asana is more than just a tool, its function helps connect people, tasks and manage more efficiently, and there is little to no mismanagement involved. We have more than one reason why Asana ranks the top of the work management software, and there are plenty of reviews to back this up.

Key points:

If you are looking for project management software that doesn't feed into your wallet, then perhaps a look through Asana's free plan might help. In contrast to other software, it is one of the best in the market, with Kira's and Trello ranking at the same level.

Despite it not being the cheapest software in the market, it is affordable, especially for smaller teams. For instance, depending on what package you select, you may be paying up to $11 per user per month price tag.

For small-to-medium businesses, it’s our recommendation to opt for the business plan, as it will play an essential role in growing a business and allow you to align your mission and goals to projects and tasks. Teams of over 15 people may find themselves upgrading from the free version of Asana to the Asana Premium, which also comes with an upgrade in features from Asana basic.

Before we delve into Asana's pricing plans, Monday.com has also curated some rather exciting reviews over the last couple of months. 

Monday is one of the few project management tools that comes the closest to Asana. To see how the two compare, check out our Asana vs Monday.com article featuring the following:

How much will I be paying per month using Asana?

Luckily there are plenty of pricing options from small teams to full business and enterprise customers. If you decide to get the Premium plan for Asana, it amounts to $13.49 per user per month on the month-to-month plan. If you choose to get the Business plan instead, then there would be a significant price change. For the Business plan, it is a total of $30.49 per user per month. These costs do, however, go down if you opt for an annual subscription. 

The Asana business plan is perfect for those who have many users and want to take advantage of custom fields and an admin console for managing users and team members. However, a business should also consider upgrading an Enterprise plan if they want to take full advantage of enhanced security features and extensive scale integrations and customisations. 


Is Asana the right fit for your organisation? 

It is by far the best real-time project management software on the market, and it is a perfect solution for small to medium businesses and larger enterprises alike. Aside from the fantastic features that make it both user friendly and easy to manage, it's been designed to get up and running quickly and successfully, with room to grow with larger teams across an organisation. 

Which Asana pricing plan should I choose? 

Like most project management software, Asana has a four-tier pricing structure: select which one to get started on, from the free plan to the Premium or Business plans and the additional top-tier Enterprise plan. Should you select the Enterprise plan, you might need to contact Asana directly to express your interest in using it. Below are all the prices in a table for you to select a plan that best suits your needs: 

As seen above, the Asana pricing has logical reasoning to its plans and prices that come with it, even though there is a leap in price between the Premium and Business plans. 

Is there a Free Version that I can use for Asana?

You'll be delighted to know that Asana does have a free plan, and what makes it great is that it ranks among the best free project management software because of its free version. 

However, with a free plan comes limitations to how you use it. Despite this factor, the free plan does have some perks it: have unlimited file storage. The best part is that Free users can also access the list view, which is vital for inputting most tasks. Moreover, users will also get a kanban board to monitor and keep track of tasks' status and the calendar to see when they need to be completed. 

Asana's Premium Plan

The best thing about Asana's pricing structure is the progression between plans: the more advanced the features, the greater the user cost. For instance, suppose you select the Premium plan, which excludes the 15 user limit and closely resembles the Free Version: having all the same views and options.

Though it is not the cheapest option currently available on the market, it is comparatively good: if you compare Jira to Asana, the latter is more expensive. The stark difference between Jira and Asana is that Jira has a simpler program. In contrast to Monday.com, its pricing structure is slightly better.

In essence, we highly suggest Asana as a key example of getting what you pay for, and the Premium plan gives you a lot of features.

For instance, Premium excludes the cap on tasks, and in terms of inviting guests, it is unlimited. Guests you invite to Asana can view the board without being able to interact with it. With the Premium plan, you are given the admin console, enabling you to monitor each team member’s activity and the option to rein in their skills. 


But it doesn't stop there. Upgrading gives users new dashboards, timelines and views, all of which give you a better perspective on how tasks are progressing. The timeline works by allowing admins to plan the length of tasks and projects, and dashboards help you view tasks at a different angle, crucial for managing more than one project. 

Asana Business Plan 

Coming down to the last two plans, we now have Business and Enterprise. Both are unique in their way since both focus mainly on advanced-level security. In contrast to the Enterprise plan, the Business plan has a few more accessible features, and if you select these additional features, that will amount to a $24.99 per user per month price tag. 

The three accessible features are: the ''portfolios'', the ''workload'', and the ''goals''. 

The ''goals'' feature is a long-term strategy tool to help reach results for each project. The other two features are more useful tools. The ''portfolios'' tool gives teams the chance to view more than one project, which will be very important for anybody managing more than one team. Lastly, the ''workload'' tool lets you view your team and see what they are doing.

In general, we are adamant that most users would prefer the Premium plan. In contrast, the Enterprise and Business plans are very high-levelled and geared towards much larger businesses and right up to the level of multinational corporations, rather than small teams. 


Although Asana is not the cheapest project management software out there, it is worth every penny, especially if you choose to select the Premium plan. You can also get Asana for free, as long as you have a small team to manage.


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