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Asana is a workflow and project management platform that enables organisations of all sizes to break down projects into smaller tasks and encourage collaboration. Asana helps employees better utilise their time by keeping track of what needs to be done and staying ahead of upcoming projects.

Asana has different pricing plans for different organisational needs, ranging from the basic free tier to the intricate Enterprise tier for increased security needs. As the tiers increase, so do the features included.

There are four Asana pricing plans (prices are per user per month annually):

Basic: Free
Premium: £9.49
Business: £20.99
Enterprise: Pricing is case by case

Let's break down all the features of each pricing plan.

Basic is Asana's free and most rudimentary plan. Although this plan is the most simplistic, it allows tasks to be created and has the list, board, and calendar views. You can also assign due dates on tasks to individuals. There is a 15-user limit on this plan, making it perfect for individuals or small organisations that require the most basic project management.

Asana's premium tier is the first paid tier. Along with all the basic features, you also gain timeline view, task dependencies, and milestones with premium. There is no user limit with this plan making this tier more suitable for small to mid-sized organisations. These added features increase the coordination between the team; they provide clear goals and information for managers and employees to ensure things are on track.

Asana's business tier is for larger teams that may need more functionality and coordination than what premium offers. With this tier, you get all the features included in premium as well as forms, custom fields, proofing and portfolios. Workload view within portfolios is also a business feature that allows managers to see how much work individuals have on them and plan future work accordingly.

The final and highest tier is enterprise which gives you all of the features Asana has to offer as well as additional security features. This tier is ideal for large organisations that need Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for single sign-on, data export and deletion, priority support and custom branding. The pricing for this tier is customised and will need one of our sales team to assist.

Asanas pricing plans cover many needs, from the basic to-do list to complex security needs. The best way to find out what is best within your organisation is to get ahold of a Generation Digital team member and discuss what you require from the platform. If you require pricing to be in a different currency, please reach out.

Asana pricing tiers premium business

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