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Expanding strategic partnership provides Netskope cloud security and networking solutions for Microsoft environments.

Most recently, Netskope  had announced its membership in the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program (NPP), another important milestone in the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Netskope. 

Azure and Microsoft have commonly used cloud services that enable enterprises to transform the way they collaborate and work. The NPP works by focusing on Microsoft 365 customers who identify and implement networking solutions that align with Microsoft's Network Connectivity Principles for Microsoft 365. Netskope, now an NPP member, has had its validated solutions align with NP principles by default. Moreover, Microsoft 365 now has its traffic passed transparently. 

Netskope enables small to large organisations to transform their network and security. There are also innovative solutions for reliable, fast and secure access to cloud applications from any region in the world. Additionally, NPP validation adds to the expanding list of integrations between Microsoft and Netskope, with further information announced in the coming months. 

The partnership between Netskope and Microsoft is a big win for organisations, helping accelerate their adoption of cloud services and be ready for the transformations happening in apps, data, networking, and security,” said Billy Bond, VP of Business Development & Alliances, Netskope. “We are proud to have a validated solution in the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Netskope into the Networking Partner Program for Microsoft 365,” said Scott Schnoll, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft. “Netskope is a valued partner that focuses on helping Microsoft 365 customers implement the Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Principles. Microsoft only recommends Networking Partner Program member solutions for connectivity to Microsoft 365.”

Organisations using Microsoft technologies can take advantage of solutions from Netskope to support and protect their enterprise business transformation. The current Microsoft 365 and Netskope integrations extend to CASB API and include threat intelligence, cloud security, application management, SASE readiness and data protection. For customers, the implementation of these integrations enables: 

  • Comprehensive data protection, right-fit for a cloud-first, remote-centric workforce

  • Protection of users from the increasingly prevalent cloud- and web-enabled threats

  • Robust access control and contextual policy enforcement for Microsoft and ecosystem applications

  • Lightning-fast access to cloud applications, which helps enable a great user experience for Microsoft Cloud environments

Congratulations to Netskope on demonstrating its adherence to the Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Principles,” said Gary Miglicco, Security Strategist for Sirius. “Offering our clients highly secure, highly performant access to Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications means users have multiple options to protect data and prevent threats.”

To see a demo of Netskope integrations with Microsoft visit gend.co/netskope

About Netskope 

Synonymous with other cloud providers, Netskope has a unique function. It has real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites and other private apps from anywhere, on any device. Its data-centric security features make it one of the world's fastest and largest security networks out there. It empowers organisations with adequate speed and protection to support business velocity and secures their digital transformation journey.

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