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Microsoft + Asana: Better together

Today, running your business requires more coordination than ever. Cloud tools like Microsoft Teams and Outlook have enabled employees to collaborate on cross-functional initiatives. However, modern organizations are still in significant need of tools and processes to successfully scale complex project coordination and execution.

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Do more with Asana and Microsoft

Without a central platform to connect the dots across all of your Microsoft tools, inefficiencies multiply while the overall efficiency of your organisation declines. Remote work has only exacerbated these problems, but Microsoft and Asana have teamed up to create a better solution for organizations of all industries and sizes.

Together, Microsoft and Asana empower businesses to be more effective by breaking down information silos, bringing teams together, and making it easy to move work forward to achieve your organisation’s goals.

asana and microsoft teams

By using Microsoft and Asana together, teams across your organisation can:


⊗ Transform ideas to action

Create Asana tasks from Outlook emails, Teams chats and video conference meetings.

⊗ Streamline information sharing

Attach key OneDrive and SharePoint documents to tasks so collaborators have the right context.

⊗ Manage work in a single view

Embed Asana project views directly into Microsoft Team tabs. Plus review, proof, and approve files and images directly in tasks.

⊗ Kick off projects with the right information

Embed Forms in Microsoft Teams to standardise work requests.

⊗ Stay up-to-date on real-time project progress

Get progress notifications and task updates directly in Microsoft Teams.

⊗ Automate manual processes

Create custom Asana Rules and Power Automate flows to automatically take actions.

⊗ Keep work data secure

Securely access Asana using Azure AD.

Asana and Microsoft Teams

Make Meetings Actionable

Capture action items and assign tasks as teams meet in real-time over video conference to make sure great ideas are never lost.


Improve Processes with PowerBI

After creating work management processes in
Asana, import data to PowerBI to quickly spot
inefficiencies and understand what work is having
the biggest impact on business outcomes.


Align Teams with Goals

Set and track measurable Goals in Asana, then embed them directly in Teams for easy reference, quick alignment, and decision-making.


"Before Asana, there was no clean, consistent process. Projects weren’t getting updated in spreadsheets as they moved along, and sometimes, they would fall off and vanish. With Asana, that frustration disappeared. It was a cultural shift into stress relief. You could see that things were flowing more easily.”

Mike Singer, Content Operations Director, Discovery Digital Studios



Early Asana adopters, experts in Digital Transformation

Generation Digital helps organisations of all sizes to learn, implement and adopt Asana to connect people, break down silos, and help organisations create collaborative cultures and embrace the digital ethos.

With a unique advantage of being one of the early adopters of this platform, we can help you fast track your own implementation and adoption of Asana for Enterprise. 


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