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Asana has many integrations that allow organizations to keep their teams connected in one place rather than using multiple platforms, wasting time and energy switching between programs. Although Asana has numerous integrations, a few are most popular and used daily by countless organizations.

Email hosts such as Gmail and Outlook are amongst the top-used integrations. In a perfect world, Asana would remove the need for email between team members, but that isn't always the case. However, with Asana, you can turn emails directly into tasks, assign them to users, set due dates, and add a task to a project without leaving the email host.

The Asana and Slack integration allows Slack conversations like emails to be turned into tasks. Like the email integration, actions and new tasks can be created without leaving Slack. By typing “/asana help” a list of commands in Asana will appear, allowing you to create those tasks and actions through Slack.

In addition to Outlook, Microsoft has many integrations such as teams, OneDrive, Power Automate, and Power BI.

Microsoft teams allows you to add projects in Asana to chats on Teams. This integration allows you to have a Teams conversation while looking at the complete task list, which tasks are assigned too, the due dates, and the ability to complete tasks when they are completed. Microsoft Teams and Asana allow team members to work together from anywhere in the world by sharing information and data in a platform where conversations and work are made in a single place.

Microsoft OneDrive allows you to directly attach Microsoft office files to an Asana project allowing all work to be in one place. Power Automate lets you simplify repetitive processes between any Microsoft Application and Asana. Power BI and Asana allow you to build custom, actionable Dashboards based on Asana inputs to get instant insights into workflows and projects.

Salesforce is one of the top CRM tools allowing organizations to effortlessly collaborate through the sales cycle while delivering exceptional customer service. The Asana and Salesforce integration allows teams to remove obstacles by allowing the sales, customer service, and customer success teams to communicate directly with one another in Asana. Salesforce can be used to activate the creation of tasks in Asana, ensuring there are no errors when creating tasks.

These are just a few of the most popular Asana integrations; however, there are many integrations you get with Asana. So whether you need Asana to help you with your Sales process or you need Asana to assist with creative projects, chances are there is an integration for you.

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