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The Ultimate Guide to Asana Tasks
27 Jun 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Asana Tasks

Asana is a popular project management tool that helps individuals and teams stay organized, collaborate effectively, and streamline their workflows. One of the core features of Asana is its task management system, which allows users to create,...

Asana task

27 Jun 2023

How to create RAID logs in Asana


Want to manage your RISKS from multiple projects in one place? Create a simple RAID Log in ASANA! 

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Asana raid projects

29 Mar 2023

How to track workload in Asana (from scratch):...


Asana is a powerful project management tool that allows you to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and progress. One of the most useful features of Asana...

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Work Management Asana

20 Mar 2023

What happened at Rewired23?


Earlier this month, on the 14th and 15th of March, Generation Digital attended the annual healthcare event 'Digital Health Rewired'. Across the two...

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Asana Rewired23

2 Feb 2023

Asana Integrations Guide

Integrations make managing work even easier by connecting Asana to the other applications and tools that you use. Over 150 integrations and counting...

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Integrations Asana

30 Aug 2022

Asana's most common integrations

Asana has many integrations that allow organizations to keep their teams connected in one place rather than using multiple platforms, wasting time...

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Integrations Asana templates

22 Aug 2022

How to integrate Asana and Jira

Asana has several integrations with multiple other software. This allows it to be an influential work management tool as it can connect to many other...

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Integrations Asana Jira

15 Aug 2022

How to export data from Asana into Excel

Many tools and platforms may be involved when managing projects and workflows within an organization. Asana has many integrations and different ways...

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Integrations Asana excel

6 Jun 2022

Asana and Miro

Asana is a versatile and flexible project management tool that offers many possibilities for integration with other platforms, software and products....

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Integrations Asana miro

21 Mar 2022

Asana and Salesforce

Asana remains the number one platform for project management. As such, it has made great strides in introducing new functionalities and expanding its...

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Integrations Asana

29 Apr 2021
5 Mar 2021

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