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Before you start figuring out the annual plan, all cross-functional teams need to get on the same page about who should be involved, what the timing should look like, and what the big goals are for the year. One of the biggest and most important questions of any annual planning cycle is: Where do we begin?

Through using this Asana playbook, you will be able to:

  • Make Annual Planning a priority.

  • Create a plan for your plan.

  • Create smart goals for your organisation and teams.

  • Drive and Track progress.

  • Check of tasks all year round.


An organization’s ability to clearly articulate and measure what needs to be accomplished is more important than ever, yet many teams still have trouble finding alignment.

Only 16% of knowledge workers say their company is effective at setting and communicating company goals, according to Asana’s Goals Report, and only 26% of workers say they have a clear understanding of how their individual work contributes toward those company goals. This shows just how large the disconnect is between what senior leaders want and what’s actually happening on the ground.

When people feel disconnected from topline goals, it is harder for employees to be motivated and do their most important (and best) work. That’s why annual planning—and connecting that plan to the day-to-day work of every employee—is essential for an organization or team’s success.


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