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Having someone leave a team or an organisation is something every company will face at some point. It is therefore often necessary to remove asana accounts or remove asana licences. That being said, keeping data safe and secure is top of mind. When the time does come to remove someone from your instance, it is relatively simple and can be done quickly. 

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Below are the steps for the admin to completely remove someone from Asana:

  • Access the team setting on the sidebar. 
  • Select the members tab.
  • Find the person you wish to remove and hover over their name with your mouse.
  • Click remove.
  • Select remove access.
  • Click Deprovision.

Once a person is removed from the organisation, their tasks will be moved into a project assigned to the admin that can then be reassigned to other active members. If you do not select Deprovision, the member will only be removed from that team and not from the whole instance.


If a member is still a part of the organisation and only removed from a team, they will still have access to their assigned tasks. 

Offboarding an employee can be tricky, but Asana makes removing their access organised and straightforward. This allows you to spend more time on other aspects of the onboarding process. 

Download the FREE Asana Work Management EBook

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