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Generation Digital has today launched its latest series of online talks titled “How Work Happens”. 

The 30-minute bite-sized talks will focus on creative use cases for the project management tool Asana

The first talk shines a spotlight on the Automation Accelerator department within the Northampton General Hospital. Their function is to promote the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) within the NHS. 

As a newly created NHS department Automation Accerlator have been avid Asana users from day one and have leveraged the platform to efficiently manage their outreach and engagement efforts across 12 regional NHS trusts. 

Lucy Hewitt, Head of Automation Outreach, Engagement & Communications at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, will be joined by Asana Customer Sucess Manager Holly Melrose and Generation Digital’s Asana Ambassador and Head of Marketing Thomas Jones.

The session aims to uncover the tricks of the trade and provide insight into the capabilities of Asana within a healthcare setting.

Generation Digital’s Managing Partner Graham Mackay explained more: “These talks are a fantastic opportunity for our clients to share their best practice and hopefully other Asana users can learn from their experience.”

“Due to the flexibility of Asana, and it’s tremendous growth over the last 18 months, it’s clear that enterprises should be focusing on a platform that can manage hybrid and flexible working arrangements, while also cutting down on the amount of zoom meetings and status reporting. Thankfully Asana does just that!” 

Generation Digital will also invite new users attending the talks to a 1-on-1 session with a consultant and provide a 30-day free trial of Asana Enterprise to get started.  

Future “How Work Happens” talks will be focusing on prominent names within the retail, professional services, marketing, and public sectors.

How Work Happens: NHS + Asana: Reserve your space at gend.co/nhsasana


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