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Is Asana Basic Free? - Free and Premium Pricing tiers

By Danielle Cross | November 24, 2022

Asana basic free


Asana is a work management software that can cater for businesses of any size. As such Asana’s pricing structure reflects the need to have different levels of functionality. In simple terms, yes, Asana Basic is free, and you still get the ability to manage tasks and projects effectively. 


With the Asana free version you have:


  • Unlimited project and task creation.

  • Unlimited file storage within the projects and tasks themselves (100mb per file).

  • Unlimited commenting on all tasks and the ability to assign due dates and assignees to tasks.

  • You can have up to 15 members of your team on this plan, so it is perfect for smaller companies that require a single source of truth and collaboration within their business.

  • Asana basics also comes with access to three different project views, List View (for a ‘to do’ list style)’, Board View (Kanban style) or calendar view.


Asana Premium:


The next level of functionality after Basic is Asana Premium, which is the first-priced tier. A premium license means unlimited members and has the added project view of Timeline and the feature of dependencies. Timeline is a gantt-style view of tasks across dates so you can easily see your project's critical path; this, used with dependencies to facilitate handoff, can make an extremely powerful deadline-driven project. 


In addition, Premium features come with the ability to add forms to projects for work intake. Perfect for request-style projects or ticketing. This comes hand in hand with the addition of custom fields to help categorize your tasks and report on them overall. You also get the added functionality of start dates and times for tasks and milestones, a time of measurable tasks to denote stages within a project that have been reached. 


After the Premium plan comes Asana Business which comes with even more functionality for larger companies with more data/reporting/security capabilities. The highest tier is Enterprise, and we will be exploring this and business features in a separate blog post coming soon. 


In conclusion, no matter what size your business or budget is, there is an Asana version for you!

Asana basic free

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