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Unlock Organizational Success: Discover How Asana AI Enhances Decision-Making and Maximizes Impact
19 Jun 2024

Unlock Organizational Success: Discover How Asana AI Enhances Decision-Making and Maximizes Impact

How AI is Revolutionising Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the modern workplace, bringing unprecedented changes to how we perform tasks, make decisions, and interact with technology. This revolution is not just about replacing human...

AI Asana Project Management

18 Jun 2024

The Rapid Rise of Generative AI: Insights from...


As generative AI tools gain momentum, industries and workforces are anticipating significant transformations. According to McKinsey's latest annual...

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AI Kore AI AI Chatbot

11 Jun 2024

Get AI Ready — What IT Leaders Need to Know and Do


Defining AI Opportunities, Deployment Options, and Risks for Your Organization

GenAI has transformed machines from mere tools to valuable...

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AI Artificial Intelligence Kore AI AI Chatbot

11 Jun 2024

Danielle Cross

Recent Posts

27 Jun 2023

How to create RAID logs in Asana

Want to manage your RISKS from multiple projects in one place? Create a simple RAID Log in ASANA! 

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Asana raid projects

7 Dec 2022

How To Manage and Keep Remote Teams Engaged

All you need to know about how to engage and manage remote or hybrid teams effectively leading to a positive work culture and successful working in a...

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Work Management Remote Working

28 Nov 2022

Is Remote Work Here To Stay?

The Global pandemic brought about the initial shift to remote working, and since the lift on the official ‘working from home where possible’ there is...

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Asana Remote Working

25 Nov 2022

Asana Business (What features do you get?)

Following on from our blog ''Is Asana Basics Free?" where we explored the free and Premium tier features. This blog will explore the Business Plans...

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Asana business

24 Nov 2022

Is Asana Basic Free? - Free and Premium Pricing...

Asana is a work management software that can cater for businesses of any size. As such Asana’s pricing structure reflects the need to have...

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Asana basic free

23 Nov 2022

Miro Most Common Integrations - Communications

Miro, the leading online collaborative whiteboard, has a wealth of integrations so that it can fit neatly into your existing tool stack. In a remote...

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Zoom Teams miro webex slack

22 Nov 2022

Miro security (all you need to know)

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard for teams to brainstorm together. Miro allows the whole team to stay in the loop with ongoing projects....

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IT Security miro

18 Nov 2022

How to deploy Risk management in Asana (Case...

NHS Kettering and Northampton were looking for a trust-wide solution away from spreadsheets and to have consistency between projects and departments....

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Asana NHS case study

5 Sep 2022

Meet The Team: Monty

  • What is your role at Generation Digital?Head of HR/Chief Wagger
  • What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?Walkies with my dad, sleeping, eating
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Asana meet the team

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