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Best Work From Home Blogs of 2021

By Shakurah Haodhagain-Egan | February 11, 2021
Shakurah Haodhagain-Egan

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For most modern professionals, the idea of working from home used to be a luxury. As we are all familiar, the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 dramatically increased the need to work from our homes.

If you are someone who has struggled to get the best out of WFH, perhaps you can take inspiration from the many online bloggers documenting their habits for surviving the new working climate. We have compiled a list of blogs below to inspire you with tips and tricks to enhance your remote working schedule and set you up for successful home working.

The Werker Blog

The Werker blog is an established informational platform created by James and Maureen, two experienced international development professionals providing lots of "homeworking" support.

From curating a list of companies that offer work from home opportunities, a list of recommended services, software, technology and other resources to the essential tips on making your home office environment cosy.

It caters to individuals who have worked remotely for years or are have started because of COVID-19. It's also an excellent resource for leaders trying to manage teams online and busy parents juggling homeschooling with their workload.

Home Werker

Haptivate Blog

Making the change to working remotely is a challenging and stressful process. Given how there is a level of uncertainty, coupled with social isolation during the pandemic and pressure - it is a concoction for disaster that can quickly weaken a strong team.

Haptivate is a site that focuses on improving team well-being and productivity with online workshops, the latest scientific research and even training. It also offers courses for individuals looking to develop or enhance their soft skills, improve their professional performance and feel confident at work.



Remotive is a leading website that has been operating since 2014. Its mission is to inspire tech professionals to go remote and find all the latest job positions worldwide.

There is a growing community to share your experiences of working remotely with others and gaining valuable feedback and advice on the latest job trends and positions available. The best part is that there are additional resources on the website to land a successful remote job, along with tips, tricks and guides on how to work remotely.



Home Office Life

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive reasons to work from home and manage a home-office life are the convenience of not travelling and working from the comfort of your home. But there are also disadvantages as it can be frustrating and challenging to manage a hectic work life. This is where Home Office Life comes in; it provides all the best tips to help others make working from home enjoyable rather than stressful.

Some of these tips and techniques include increasing productivity, balancing home and office life, and even correctly designing your home office.

Home Office Life


When the COVID-19 outbreak started, most of us were, and probably still are, apprehensive about our future. With many losing jobs and seeking financial support, it is easy to overthink these situations. Statistics show that stress-induced conditions, such as working from home, can harm your mental health.

Learning to cope and take full advantage during this situation is one way to improve your mindset and outlook on life. Headspace does precisely that; it focuses more on providing you with reading materials on how to worry less. These insightful articles are the stepping stone for self-improvement with various topics from meditation for financial stress to meditation for relationships.

It also has some of the best tips on personal development - learning to develop self-discipline, creating a mindful home office to motivate yourself, eating healthy and maintaining a well-balanced diet, and improving your sleeping patterns.


BONUS EBOOK: Getting Started with Work Management

Zen Habits

Quite often, we overlook the small things that shape how we live our chaotic lives. Poor management and time skills often hamper our moods and make even the simplest things, such as chores, challenging to do. Zen Habits is changing the way we think about life and work.

Zen has many books and training exercises on seeking simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos and our hectic lives. Each type of training helps others grow by learning the importance of management and self-discipline and learning to avoid slacking.


Zen Habits

Hopefully, these recommendations will provide you with some inspiration and support while working from home. Reading a good blog post can always change the day or lighten a mood and don't forget, if you find something valuable, please share it with your colleagues.

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