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Remote working has enterprises looking for ways to implement a single sign-on (SSO), so their employees can easily access all cloud and web applications without authenticating each application individually. 

As technology has grown and evolved, enterprises face new challenges with the growing diversity of devices, identity issues, security, employee mobility, vender partnership, and the exponential growth of unique application options.

For enterprises that need an enterprise-grade identity management service built for the cloud, Okta is a suitable identity cloud solution that bridges many on-premises applications. It facilitates employee access to any application or device. Okta runs on a secure, reliable, extensively audited cloud platform, which integrates deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems.

Okta Directory Integration - An Architecture Overview | Okta

Okta's utility in Identity management and Access management based service highlights the increase in remote working during the pandemic. The automatic solution has both identity and access management capabilities and is template-based, which makes it simple to use. It also has access management capabilities so that you can integrate different applications. Okta is especially useful for enterprises that deal with a large number of on-premise applications.

When you think of your company's enterprise network, think of a system whose function is to protect multiple high-value digital assets, including customer information, proprietary knowledge, and financial records. Every piece of data is critical, and every device connected to your network is a potential security threat. With remote work becoming the norm these days, it's not uncommon for employees to log in to multiple accounts, and many use weak and reused passwords like abc123 or qwerty.

The solution to this threat is enterprise-level workplace identity management software like Okta. Not only does it increase network security, but it also reduces the time that your IT department spends on password-related requests.

API Gateway | Okta

Okta has identity and access management (IAM) solutions that work for both workplaces and consumers. Enterprises use Okta’s web-based, single sign-on (SSO) application to provide a single centralised interface to access third-party platforms. Okta helps secure access to popular cloud apps such as Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce, and the plethora of applications employees need to do their job.

BONUS EBOOK: Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for Dummies

This quality of Okta means it is platform-agnostic, giving users of any organisation easy access to linked SSO accounts via a web-based dashboard, browser extensions, and mobile apps. There are several benefits in deploying Okta, such as:

  • Life cycle management
  • Universal directory
  • Application programming interface (API) access management
  • Automated user provisioning

As one of the early entrants in the IAM (Identity Access Management) sector, Okta has an established track record. The solution provides diverse integration options, enabling SSO login for every app your users need to access during their workday.

Because Okta's cloud platform has 99.99% availability and zero planned downtime, it supports delegated authentication, provisioning and de-provisioning, directory sync, and AD password management. Changes in direction between Active Directory or Okta are synchronised incrementally. 

At the same time, employees, partners, and customers get uninterrupted access to business-critical applications. Because the solution requires minimal customisation and has an affordable license management cost, it can save organisations up to 60 per cent in the total cost of ownership.

If you are considering implementing Okta but are unsure, we recommend signing up for a free trial account. Trial users can import up to 10,000 users, activate 100 of them and can also have up to 50 applications use in your organisation. The trial will let you test Okta before deciding if it is a good fit for your business needs.


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