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How to Build a Workplace Business Case
17 Jan 2019

How to Build a Workplace Business Case

Building a business case for a digital workplace solution is time-consuming but an important part of an organisation's procurement process. If you want to build a business case for executive buy-in for investing in Workplace, or you want to...

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook Demo
10 Jan 2019

Workplace by Facebook and Office 365: Better...


It's a question we get asked regularly among internal communicators. They love the usability and high adoption of Workplace by Facebook but their...

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Microsoft Workplace by Facebook

12 Dec 2018

How Workplace is helping Wessex Archaeology...


A typical day at Wessex Archaeology could involve writing a research report or digging up ancient pottery fragments from the Middle Neolithic...

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Workplace by Facebook

3 Dec 2018

The Surface Hub 2 Is Reinventing Teamwork


Surface Hub 2 enables the power of collaborative work, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their greatest resource – people.  As...

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Microsoft Collaboration

15 Jun 2018

Why All-in-One Platforms Are Not Fit for the...

All-in-one vs. best of breed. Single-purpose vs. multi-purpose. Single vendor vs. multi-vendor.

The debate of whether businesses should adopt...

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Digital Transformation Workplace by Facebook Digital Workplace Integrations

28 Mar 2018

The Impact of Workplace by Facebook in Retail

Graham Mackay, Managing Partner at Generation Digital was at FutureRetail 2018 talking about the impact Workplace by Facebook is having on the...

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Digital Transformation Workplace by Facebook Collaboration

20 Mar 2018

The Impact of AI on the Workplace

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already apparent to most of us in a consumer context and we are familiar with the names Siri, Alexa,

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Digital Transformation Workplace by Facebook AI G Suite

15 Nov 2017

Transitioning to the Future of Work and the...

A Deloitte survey (sponsored by Facebook) asked C-suite executives for their perspectives on the future of work. Their responses reveal six...

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Digital Transformation Workplace by Facebook Collaboration Digital Workplace

19 Sep 2017

Berendsen Case Study - Digital Workplace

Berendsen - Digital Workplace success story

Pictured; Lyn Holmes - Workplace Consultant GroupHQ delivering their Office move project.


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Digital Transformation Success Stories Digital Workplace

25 Aug 2017
1 Aug 2017

Productivity: Meetings are a waste of time....

Make Meetings Valuable!

Meetings are a fact of our modern work lives, but they’re not winning any popularity contests. Economist John Kenneth...

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Digital Transformation Dropbox

7 Jul 2017

Amazon Web Services LOVES Microsoft Windows

AWS webinar will show how you can run Microsoft business applications better on AWS.

Discover how to rapidly scale and deploy Windows applications...

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Microsoft Digital Transformation Amazon Web Services

5 Apr 2017

Digital Workplace - Evoko Room Scheduler ‘Liso’...

Digital Workplace - Evoko Room Scheduler ‘Liso’ Wins Another Design Award! 3 Awards in 2017 so far and counting….


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Digital Transformation Digital Workplace

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