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The business environment is evolving, and teams need a new level of integration. In recent months, one of the more popular pairings is between Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook. This approach gives teams the tools to securely collaborate, communicate, and coordinate work from anywhere.
Recently, Asana launched the new and improved Asana for Microsoft Teams integration to deepen its collaboration with Microsoft. This integration lets teams plan, organise, and clearly discuss even the most complex projects.

How Asana's Microsoft Teams Integration helps organisations

Staying connected and organised is only part of the equation when managing remote teams. Integration between the different tools and systems that teams use has become an integral part of our work, as many teams continue to work from home. Asana's new, more powerful and robust Microsoft Teams integration allows for conversations in Teams to take place alongside your Asana projects.

The Asana for Microsoft Teams integration allows companies to:
  • Translate Teams conversations into action items in Asana
  • Gain complete visibility of Asana tasks and projects with status updates within Teams.
  • Search for Asana tasks within Teams.
  • Share context from Asana with your stakeholders directly in Teams.
  • Create custom notifications related to your Asana projects in the Teams channel of your choosing, and receive important notifications in your own My Tasks privately. 
The Benefits of MS Teams and Asana integration

When integrating Microsoft Teams and Asana, there are several benefits for your teams and organisation:
  • Creating Tasks: You can now create tasks directly from MS Teams without having to open the Asana App. 
  • Sharing the link of the project: When someone wants to share the link of a project, you will be able to see all the tasks in a project, who they're assigned to, and when are they due.
  • Notification settings: You can get notified of new tasks and when they are done without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

More Asana & Microsoft Integrations

Asana integrates with other Microsoft tools as well to allow teams to coordinate work effectively across the essential channels. For example, the Asana and Microsoft outlook integration turns emails into trackable, actionable work. Similarly, you can attach files from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft SharePoint to Asana tasks with the Microsoft OneDrive integration. Finally, the Power Automate integration lets you streamline repetitive processes between your Microsoft applications and Asana.

These integrations elevate the functionality of Asana as one of the most popular and powerful task management platforms. Its ease of use, intuitive UI, and powerful features make it the go-to software for managing tasks and projects. Since Microsoft Teams is one of the biggest collaboration platforms in the world, the collaboration opens doors to a slew of new possibilities for tasks, projects, teams and department management.


Asana's integrations with Microsoft is a great way to add the functionality of Asana projects to the team. When working on a project, communication with teammates becomes easier while looking at the whole task list, including task assignees, due dates, and completing tasks when they're done. With Asana for Microsoft, you can stay connected and organised, increasing your team's efficiency and productivity.

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