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Asana remains the number one platform for project management. As such, it has made great strides in introducing new functionalities and expanding its reach. Its new streamlined integration between Asana and Salesforce will bring continuity between account plans with actionable tactics so everyone stays on top of the sales process and maintains the customer relationship.

The Asana and Salesforce integration offers numerous benefits to support teams in managing tasks and projects in real time. Among them, sales teams benefit from:

  • Synching Asana contracts and contact data
  • Managing deal flow and automating the sales pipeline in Salesforce
  • Staying on top of tasks and projects by automatically creating, updating and organising them in Asana. 

Connecting Asana and Salesforce can be done by using Asana Lightning, which is optimised to work with Salesforce Classic. It also offers the advantages of Asana Salesforce integration to Business and Enterprise customers who also have an Salesforce Enterprise account, or Unlimited account. For users who are having trouble fitting Classic or Lightning into specific configurations there are two editions of the system: Enterprise and Universal.

Benefits of Integrating Asana and Salesforce

The Asana for Salesforce integration adds value to companies of any size by enabling sales teams to efficiently collaborate with other team members throughout the entire sales cycle so deals close faster. It also automates the hand-off between the Sales and Post-Sales and Implementation teams to reduce manual work and allow for greater clarity.

Whether your team is working in Salesforce or Asana, integrating these tools helps everyone with enhanced functionality. Your team can:

Break down silos
- Team members can request work from supporting teams like legal and marketing via Asana tasks, without leaving Salesforce.

Boost project visibility
- Sales teams can track the progress of Asana tasks within the context of specific Salesforce opportunities.

Kick off work on time, every time
- Auto-generate projects and use customisable project templates to move customers through the funnel as they reach key opportunity stages.

- Automate when Asana tasks are created via Salesforce’s powerful Process Builder. 

These are just a few of the ways that the Asana and Salesforce integration can support teams. Sales teams can use the project management tools to minimise manual data entry and keep individual team members on the same page. Which means that different teams and departments within an organisation can reach their goals of increased close rates, customer retention, and account growth. An Asana and Salesforce integration enables better cross-team collaboration, easier sharing of data in real time, increased integration stability, and transparency across the client lifecycle.

How to Connect Asana and Salesforce

You must be a Salesforce Admin to install the Asana for Salesforce integration. You also need an Asana account.

You can then start automating any of the Asana work requests via Salesforce’s powerful Process Builder and/or Flow. Any account added in Salesforce automatically creates a project or task in Asana with a pre-set list of tasks or subtasks.

The Asana tasks can then be assigned to the teammate responsible for that activity so everyone monitors deadlines, deliverables and progress in real time.

Opportunity stage changes sync as progress updates in Asana so everyone can see how the deal is progressing. The tasks the team members complete in Asana will send an update to the opportunity owner in Salesforce, and information updated in Salesforce appears in the related Asana task or project.

Since Salesforce and Asana sync in real-time -  everyone will have the most up-to-date information in both tools. This gives unmatched visibility into the post-sales implementation progress contextually within Salesforce.

Check out our video on Asana and Salesforce Integration :


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