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Many organizations use Asana to manage their workflows and projects, and it is a great tool to ensure you keep on track and organized. One of Asana's strongest points is helping organizations meet their deadlines on upcoming projects.

A company can use a few features in Asana to ensure a project is on track to meet the deadline. These include using a Gantt style chart, task dependencies, breaking down work into subtasks, and the project overview tab. These help users easily reference where tasks and projects are and when they are due. Each of these features, individually or together, can help to keep a project on track.

Gantt charts provide an overview of the project; a Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that demonstrates the timeline of a project. The horizontal bars in the chart represent a task, with the length of that bar representing the amount of time that task should take. When looking at the Gantt chart as a whole, managers can see the big picture of what needs to be done, who is assigned to each task, and when these tasks need to be completed. Asana shows a project in a Gantt-style view using the timeline feature and plots the tasks based on their due dates.

Task dependencies determine the sequence in which tasks need to be conducted. Teams can work together with this as it allows them to see what tasks are blocking their task from being able to be started and who needs to complete it. A notification will be sent once the first task is completed, allowing the second person to start their task, thus keeping the project on track.

Subtasks are a great feature when it comes to keeping work organised. Subtasks break up a parent task into smaller, more manageable tasks that can be assigned to different individuals.
Subtasks can also have individual due dates aside from the parent task and can be set up as task dependencies, keeping a project aligned with the deadline.

A project overview allows teams to have a birds-eye of a project, showcasing what has been completed via milestones and what still needs to be done. There are also status updates that can be set to On-Track, At Risk or Off-Track. This gives everyone involved in the project a status message but also means you can visually see the project's progress so far and where it stalled or had wins along the way.

Asana has many great features to keep a project on track to meet its deadline. All of these features are helpful for managers and project members to keep track of where a project is at and reduce uncertainty.

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