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🛑 STOP: Before reading this article, please be aware that Meta/Facebook Workplace is closing and will shortly migrate to Workvivo by Zoom. To find out more, please read our blog, Transition from Workplace to Workvivo: A Guide for Workplace Users


Deliveroo is a UK-based tech success story, employing over 600 software engineers and employees at its UK headquarters. It’s food delivery service has operations across 150 cities and 12 countries and is growing quickly.

The aim was to connect all employees, boosting collaboration and transparency.Deliveroo logo - workplace by facebook customer

Deliveroo had already implemented Slack for office-based employees so they needed a work collaboration tool to compliment the chat functionality of Slack.

Another challenge was to find a solution to scaling their unique culture across global offices, to maintain a smaller company feel and allow all employees to feel connected.

As a company that is growing rapidly, onboarding new people quickly is vital and having a comprehensive record of departmental projects would really speed the process up.

“I would recommend Workplace to any organisation that wants to boost innovation, collaboration and transparency”  Beth Clutterbuck - VP Global Head of People at Deliveroo

Introducing Workplace by Facebook allowed new employees to access a log of previous discussions and information to get up to speed on their new role, enabling them to participate much faster.

Workplace has helped replace internal mailing lists, newsletters and an intranet. It allows employees to share and update business metrics across countries and showcase work from different business units.

Deliveroo still uses Slack primarily for 1:1 chat and Workplace by Facebook for everything else; live videos, voice and video calls, file sharing and internal and external project collaboration across their 12 offices. 

Deliveroo officesBeth Clutterbuck, VP Global Head of People at Deliveroo, described Workplace by Facebook as having “helped employees stay on top of everything that’s happening with their team, across Deliveroo and the industry. It has fostered open collaboration and transparency of both success and issues to learn from”. Clutterbuck continues, “I would recommend Workplace to any organisation that wants to boost innovation, collaboration and transparency. Workplace helps to demystify what goes on across the organisation in areas that do not directly affect employees’ day to day and help build broader communities through shared interest”.

In the future, Clutterbuck expects that the focus will be to “explore features like Workplace Chat and multi-company groups, as well as leverage the group analytics to inform more of our decision-making”. Deliveroo have even utilised a chatbot by Envoy to alert the relevant person when a visitor arrives at the office, so further integration of Workplace bots would also be a welcome addition.

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Workplace by Facebook

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