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The Secrets of an efficient Workplace Guide
2 Feb 2023

The Secrets of an efficient Workplace Guide

Through market uncertainty, organizations need to be laser-focused on what matters most: delivering value to customers. Improving workplace efficiency improves the whole business. Of course, it will save time and money. But by improving the health...

Work Management Asana

2 Feb 2023

Asana Integrations Guide


Integrations make managing work even easier by connecting Asana to the other applications and tools that you use. Over 150 integrations and counting...

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Integrations Asana

13 Jan 2023
13 Jan 2023

OKR Examples: Human Resources (HR)


OKRs are vital to any business or team in achieving success. Setting clear, measurable targets within a company is the only way you can track success...

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HR okr

4 Nov 2022

Generation Digital has G-Cloud 13 Digital...

Generation Digital can confirm that when G-Cloud 13 is live from November 9th, they are an approved supplier. This allows our software licences to be...

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Google Cloud Workplace by Facebook Zoom Asana Okta Netskope Workato miro g-cloud Digital Marketplace aware

1 Apr 2021

How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams Using...

Sales and Marketing have been competing against one another since day one. Both teams collide when it comes to budgeting, misaligned expectations,...

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Workplace by Facebook

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