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Generation Digital are proud to announce a new partnership with Miro - the online collaborative whiteboard platform. This partnership has existed for several months now, but now we are excited to share what this partnership entails.


Miro is our choice collaboration tool as it goes beyond just brainstorming. Workshopping, product development, Agile ceremonies, customer discovery, strategy mapping, and process visualization are just a few of the things that can be created in Miro. It also has a brilliant integration with our other partner Asana.

What is Miro?


Miro itself is a versatile tool that can offer a collaborative space for such things as Retrospectives, Project Planning, Brainstorming and Meetings across many distributed teams. Miro boards can be used in several different collaborative ways. To find out more information on our Miro Page


Miro has grown rapidly since release and currently has over 35,000,000 users worldwide. These include big names such as DELL, Okta and Cisco, and we at Generation Digital aim to onboard many more notable clients onto the visual collaboration tool. 

What can Generation Digital offer?


Being a Miro partner we are now able to offer licenses, demos and onboarding packages that are suitable for your company's needs. Whether you are a new client looking to adopt Miro as a solution, or a current user looking to expand their knowledge, improve their current set up or expand to other teams, we are here to help. 


Generation Digital can also offer Miro licenses and professional services via the UK Government G-Cloud digital marketplace. Purchasing Miro through this framework means that procuring and deploying Miro to the public sector is easier than ever before. 


A brochure of what Generation Digital can offer through Miro.

Thoughts from our team


Graham Mackay, Managing Partner of Generation Digital is very excited for this new journey. He said “After our success in the last year and a half with Asana, Miro seemed like the perfect fit for our next step at Generation Digital. Our AE and CSM team embarked on comprehensive Miro training are now all fully certified to bring the best of Miro and its capabilities to our clients.


The Generation Digital team also enjoy Miro as a tool for themselves; “It is really user-friendly and visually appealing. For someone who likes to plan events and various other projects, it is perfect for collaborating across teams and building a clear picture in a very remote world” stated Danielle Cross Senior CSM “Their template library is very comprehensive too and this means that work can be kick started with ease."


Fede, Partner Manager for Miro had this to say about the partnership “We are so excited to work with Generation Digital. They have already proven their value as partner to Miro and we feel they will help us make such a difference in the UKI market.

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