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Asana is a versatile and flexible project management tool that offers many possibilities for integration with other platforms, software and products. Further integrations with other tools like Miro provide even more options for collaboration that were not previously possible.

Miro allows organisations to embed Asana tasks as cards in an infinite online whiteboard. This allows your team to easily discuss, prioritise and sync any tasks visually in real-time, while everyone remains equally engaged. You can import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team members to collaborate. As soon as someone makes any changes in Asana, the card will be automatically updated in Miro.

Using Asana Cards in Miro helps with visualising the big picture. Miro supplements all tasks with options like story sizing, backlog prioritisation, story mapping, and more.

When integrating Asana and Miro, one way to increase productivity is via easy-to-create video presentations. It offers a convenient way for people in different roles within the same organisation to collaborate on a project. For Example, Miro is great for people with the skills to edit videos as they can take any PowerPoint presentation and make a video out of it. This can be uploaded in Asana to facilitate access to or to gain feedback on the completed work.

Using Asana Cards is an easy way to import Asana tasks and display them on a digital whiteboard within Miro. You can then filter these cards by projects, assignees and sections to easily group them in a desired way.
Miro has similar to Asana's functionality in that it lets you create notes and designs, move things around, and embed video calls or online chats. A series of pre-built templates also inspire or serve as a starting place for any project work.

Miro is commonly used for a number of things, such as:
  • Creating a list of ideas or topics to focus on
  • Developing a user story or customer journey map
  • Wireframing a new product concept or idea
  • Mapping out a roadmap or strategy for an innovation workshop or program
  • Hosting a more engaging meeting for a remote team in an agile culture

Benefits of integrating Miro and Asana

There are many reasons to consider a potential integration between Miro and Asana. In addition to needing to use fewer programs, your team can:
  • Accomplish more with less effort.
  • Communicate with all team members from a single dashboard, thus increasing productivity.
  • Use just one program to get work done. Eliminating the need to learn multiple programs and helping companies save money and time.
  • Complete projects more efficiently because one has access to all necessary parts in one place.
  • Reduce confusion among team members regarding what everyone needs for everyone to complete their task or project. By integrating Miro and Asana, all team members are on the same page.
  • Automatically sync all changes made in Asana cards in Miro
  • Quickly sort and find the necessary Asana tasks by various criteria, and add them to your board as cards.
  • Using a responsive card view helps you read the info more easily while navigating different levels of detail.


The online white-boarding tool can, like Asana, connect to some other common virtual working tools, such as Google Drive, Slack etc. By integrating Miro and Asana, you can unlock a new level of functionality and make it easy to collaborate with members, track your work and brainstorm ideas.


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