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How to export data from Asana into Excel

By John Petty | August 15, 2022

Integrations Asana excel

Many tools and platforms may be involved when managing projects and workflows within an organization. Asana has many integrations and different ways to export data from the software to be transferred into a different tool such as Excel. 


To get data from Asana to Excel, you must first export the data into a CSV format. To do this, you must :


  • Log into your Asana account and open the project you wish to export.
  • Click on the project action menu.
  • On the drop-down menu, hover over “Export/Print”.
  • Select CSV.


Once you have exported it into a CSV file, you can import that project into excel by following the steps below.


  • Open Excel spreadsheet.
  • Under the Data tab, select “From text”.
  • Select the CSV file you would and select import.


This is a straightforward way to export your data from Asana to excel if the need arises. As well as exporting data from Asana, you can attach Excel files to the Asana tasks and projects using the paperclip icon on the task or adding to the project overview.


Integrations Asana excel

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