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Miro, the leading online collaborative whiteboard, has a wealth of integrations so that it can fit neatly into your existing tool stack. In a remote or hybrid environment, communication is vital for clarity. Miro's integrations with communication software can help support that clarity.

Instant messaging with team members is possible through Miro. It also means you can share your boards within text chats and chat rooms. Video calls can also contain interactive Miro boards to create more engaging meetings. Miro file transfer has never been easier.


Miro and Teams



The Miro for Teams integrations means that you have visibility no matter where you are. It allows you to share boards without having to leave your Teams meeting, so you can provide feedback, co-create and brainstorm in real-time.


You can also embed any Miro board into the Teams calendar or Teams channels so that everyone can collaborate effectively and contribute before set meetings and times. Additionally, any changes or additions can feed notifications into your Teams chat so that no one is left behind.



Miro and Slack


Miro and Slack is one of the most popular integrations. You can use Slack to manage access to your team's boards when access needs to be granted (or denied). Invitations to other boards will come with a notification and a hyperlink so that you can take advantage of every chance to contribute. 


Additionally, any comments and mentions can come directly to Slack so you can communicate effectively with any board member. Board creation is another perk of the Miro and Slack integration. You can create a new board any time from any channel using the 'Create a Board shortcut' so that you never have to leave Slack to start brainstorming. 



Miro and Webex


The Miro for Webex integration enables hybrid teams to contribute, build and connect without leaving the application. This integration spreads from video to messaging. Using the 'apps' icon in the video meeting, you can easily access Miro's sign-in window to visit and share your boards quickly. Once selected, you can add the team, specify their permissions, and then share using the 'open together' button. 


It is a similar process for messaging as you add it through the apps tab, but it connects the board to the one-to-one or group space enabling collaboration and focused communication. 


Miro and Zoom


Miro for Zoom integration is integral for any zoom meeting where whiteboards, brainstorming or even just sticky notes could be helpful. You can share boards with registration-free access, and collaboration can begin with just one click of a button. It has built-in tools such as drawing and editing to enable the team to get stuck in. Also, with Miro's impressive template library, various types of meetings can be supported quickly and effectively with a range of templates such as Mind-maps, Kanbans and Retrospectives. 


Overall, no matter your chosen communication tool, there is only one supporting whiteboard tool you need. MIRO. 



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